One Day Assembly Costs How Much, WTF?

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  • NoMoreHustle

    The recent Circuit Assembly Day cost get this... $17,0000 in an Assembly Hall that they own! This was announced during the assmbly at the 3/4 mark of days activities. After he said how much the assembly cost, he then proceeded to say that we have recieved $6,000 in donations up to this point of the day. He then said "Thank You". I don't understand how they can justify this at all. Anybody with half of a brain sitting in attendance has got to see that there is something very, very wrong here.

    Oh and there is another one next weekend and so on

  • Simon

    But they don't, they will put their hand in the pocket and drop cash in the donation box (or credit card now?)

    Every assembly was the same and I think they announce that they are short whether they really are or not - it's their way of asking for donations but "oh no, they don't pass a donation plate around", LOL

  • Gregor

    For a one day event in their own facility?

    The factors that could add up to $17,000.00 might be the prorated mortage/loan (probably from the WTB&TS) at a "reasonable " rate of interest, plus a bunch of factored in depreciation, maintenance, water and power, etc etc.


    Can a publisher in good standing ask for an accounting on paper? Only if he wants to be in front of a committee to discuss his bad attitude.

  • sowhatnow

    gee, can anyone get hold of THAT info ? or those utility bills?

    is there someone who works for the electric company that can get the usage for the month? Id love to know.

    I never could figure out how it cost so much money to sit in a building for 6 hours? with florecent lights air conditioning or heat, water bill, and no mortgage.


    Well, those buildings sit vacant for quite some time during the year. They must be maintained. The HVAC bill to keep the climate steady, just to prevent mold, must be pretty high. Then you have exterior maintenance, grounds keeping, interior plumbing. It costs money.

    The "rent" must be payed. The WTBTS has to make up for all those months of zero occupancy. Even so, it's a scam. Free labor, tax free income! For what? Millions and millions in real estate sales and no discernible charity to speak of, of course!

    I think my biggest problem with the WTBTS is that they are a strange breed of materialistic spiritualists. I know there are tons of preachers getting rich, but they don't seem to go on and on about the evils of materialism, encourage their followers to live "simple lives", and then rob them blind while extolling their corporate prowess as some type of blessing.

    They are so entrenched in trying to prove that their corporate decisions are the best, thereby proving that GOD backs them, that they leave ZERO room for GOD to do ANYTHING.


  • konceptual99

    How many people were at the CA? What's the per head cost? at the Surrey Assembly hall in the UK, most assemblies are in the 6-700 attendees mark. Costs, as I recall, are IRO £5-6000, around £8-10 per head. The donations are around double the operating costs according to the accounts on the charity commission website last time I checked.

  • WTWizard

    My take: It costs 17,000 toilet papers to hold one of those wastefests and contribute your share toward damnation of the whole world. If there are 500 in attendance, that means my share is 340 toilet papers. For one lousy day.

    Or, I could take advantage of the fire sale on silver, and buy two rolls of silver quarters at these absurdly low prices while they last. I can take advantage of them trying to camouflage how poor we really are--using those toilet papers to buy real wealth. When the dollar becomes toilet paper next year (probably late April), I will be that much less poor, while all those jokehovian witlesses that donated their share will be whining about "Satan" (really the bankers) stealing all their wealth. Imagine how much less destitute they would be if, in lieu of donating toward this wastefest, they simply donate nothing (let joke-hova pay the bills) and buy the two rolls of silver quarters (and keep the silver). At historical value, this will be about enough to take a 5-month vacation while everyone else is trying desperately to work for a whole day just for 1/10 ounce of silver.

    Now, am I getting 5 months' hard labor worth of value out of being at that wastefest? Are you? If you go, are you really getting that value out of it? If not, why are you donating that much toward it?

  • little_Socrates

    Do these buildings just sit vacant when there are no assemblies going on? Why can't local conegrations use the buildings in the "off season"?

    Do you really call 500-700 people an assembly? I know lots of Churches that would be disapointed if that is all that showed up for a regular Sunday service.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Data Dog,

    Assembly Halls rarely are empty for a weekend. They are almost all booked solid throughout the year. They are empty during the week. But there is NO WAY it costs nearly $850,000.00 per year in "expenses".

  • DwainBowman

    Years ago the monthly accounts report went into detail, not just a 30 second recap. And the simi annual audit was too. The came an km with a question box (it may have just been a letter) saying that we all could trust the appointed brothers to take care of things, without being questioned, and from then on, it was only to be a quick summary of the report. Seems it also talked about how much time wss wasted thst could be better used!


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