Babylon, JeW's and the New World Order

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  • John Chapman
    John Chapman

    Any Religion accepting a 501-C-3 tax exemption agrees not to discredit or speak negatively about the US (the "us") government. How can a religion that claims to tell the truth agree to lie about the fundamental plauge infesting the planet? Apparently it's because they are just as much a part of the fascist corporatocracy centered in the financial world capitol of BabyLon don as any other government agency in this world empire of insanity. Anyone with a knowledgeable history of the British Empire will recognize Babylon in Revelation 18 as "The City" or "The Square Mile" in reference to the tiny or 'baby" city of London, the financial district in the middle of London proper or the financial capitol of the world. A further study of the 10 world districts and the G-7 and G-8 set up by the globalists or "New World Order" (beast) rounds out the 7 heads + the 8th that recieved the "wound that healed". A study of the British Monarchy reveals their mad attachment to Jewish history in their regailia and ceremony, particularly the "stone of Jacob" located under the British Throne. They lay claim to the Jewish "right" of ruling the planet because they claim their bloodline is Jewish going back to Abraham. They are part of the Zionist movement along with their brother imposters in the Vatican and in Israel with the Kazarian Ashkenazi "Jews" who have no Jewish or even semitic blood. Then you reach the point of who are the real Jews? They're not semetic and they're not from the middle east, but that's another story that came from of all places Ireland. Crazy you say? Don't say crazy until you see this. Your view of what you Think you know will drastically change. Nothing is as it seems. Negative comments made by anyone not willing to take the time to watch it will be ignored...

    "I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars--I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you." Rev. 3:9

  • designs

    Oh shutup John

  • Apognophos

    Why is it that the crazy posters always write in one long paragraph? It's like they all attend the same Crazy Writing 101 classes.

  • designs

    You can tell when the sugar wears off.....

  • Ocean1111

    Well according to Genesis 3 and 6 it is pretty much an angelic "infiltration" of the human race. Now speaking of the ULTIMATE "conspiracy theory" any Christian (or any person) saying Satan and the demons actually exist according to the Bible record, for you certainly rarely see them, is the ultimate "conspiracy theorist".

    Now given most national historical myths are simply the official state "conspiracy theory" against everyone -- "communist" or "Islamic" or "savage red man" or whatever -- but themselves, then one really has to choose which theory to attempt to believe because no one has seen anything, it is all hearsay, "his" "story", and media etc.

    Thus in my opinion it is best for people to form their own opinion with some research. (And that goes beyond JWs "thinking for themselves", that means everyone should continue the tradition past the walls of Bethel, but as you can see, few do such a thing). And the more one actually researches with an open mind, the more the official state and religious mythologies get called into question because one red flag leads to more red flags and if the official myths were so solid they wouldn't have all the red flags they do. We were merely unfortunate enough to walk into first grade before they told us the powers that be are money and power lovers, thus lying is no sin to them. We had to put 2 and 2 together again, later in life.

    An example is Bethel. It is just another cookie cutter from the same drawer. One red flag leads to another and before you know it the cult of the Governing Body appears to be from the first century alright, that is the same Roman corporate Papal root that was in the Jerusalem system in the Sanhedrin and other Roman controlled councils. That is the "tradition" the Governing Body continues, like the Pope, springing from their own mythological "Peter", but they are actually fully of secular order, in order to control the system they are now the nucleus of.

    The real apostles we decentralized and they took orders from Christ, not assumed councils of men, period. There is no "holy" "governing body", it is a myth, Acts 15 describes the opposite. The real apostates are centralized ministerial controllers, e.g., Bethel's leadership plain and simple they are the most recent apostasy.

    Thus it seems "infiltration" is as systemic as Genesis 3 and 6, and the story is or is not already there depending on how many "red flags" one has the ability or desire to see. But the "fractal" is every where, all one has to do is search global financial and central banking history, HISTORY not "conspiracy", to see how far the "rabbit hole" really does go. As we know most people have already eaten the blue pill, so the herd will be taken wherever the powers that be want to herd it all according to the common carrots and well entrenched channels and funnels that this all has created.

    Strangely, the writing on the wall eventually seen from all this is the financial and economic fall of the US and EU national systems seems pretty predictable now however it goes down fast or slow, it has to implode on the US Dollar and that drags everyone else down in their inter-dependent nations, fast or slow. Even a 10% economic abruption globally would be many times worse than the "great depression" so obviously this must be well engineered to keep the core functional.

    As complicated as it seems to be, it is all really just repeating versions of the same old story, the one in Genesis 6. And as you know the basic gist of Genesis 6 is present in the history of many people and in many peoples' present speculations as well. If we don't think for ourselves it is GUARANTEED the media system and state mythologists will think for us, whether at Bethel or at CBS, etc, and that is how the global scam is run, everyone helps them build their "new world order" for them all over the world, knowing or not.

    Now why go through all this trouble and not finish the puzzle right?

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