new update on Conti case

by violias 13 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • violias

    Got an update email about the Conti case. Maybe someone can tell us what it means.

  • umbertoecho
    It sound like they are saying that the WT is not going to have to pay damages for the abuse Cont experienced. That although it was initially (the WT) found to be a guilty party in allowing this to happen. This initial finding has been reversed and remains reversed.
  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I read it to mean that the judgment that the WT was negligent was upheld, but the punitive part of the judgment was not upheld. So a portion of the payment they will have to pay (the part attributed to negligence), but a portion of the payment they will not have to pay (the punitive part).

    not an attorney, that's just what I read from it.

  • Gayle

    So I understand either party can petition w/i 10 days. California Supreme Court has 60 days to accept or not. California Supreme Court only accepts less than 5% of petition requests.

  • JWdaughter
    I think it has just been affirmed as there has been no appeal. So its finally done. I might be wrong.

    Nice victory for Jesus' "brothers", right?!? They are guilty, but "Satan's" courts say they don't have to pay punitive damages, and they can't really be held responsible for the actions of their members, and they can't police them.

    WTF people?!?! Can't you see how F**ked up this is on so many levels???

    So let's get this straight... Jesus' "brothers" of the "one true organized/ corporate religion" are cool with being guilty of negligence and not having Chomos reported upon or help accountable. They DO NOT protect children, except for some ambiguous "spiritual" protection. WTF....??


  • JWdaughter
    They are paying and guilty. Punitive damages would be nice, but that was an error in the tactics of the legal team. WT is still legally in the wrong,no putting thAt genie back in the bottle.
  • jwleaks

    Referred to Appeals Court Final Decision document (04/13/2015) here:

    JW LEAKS | Candace Conti v Watchtower

  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress WHEN will the Watchtower make their decision to:

    a) Take it to the Federal level (Sup. Court).

    b) or, take what they've got & try to deal with it?

    There MUST be a deadline for them to 'fish or cut bait.' X number of days since the California appellate court's decision?

  • truthseekeriam
    10 days from when it becomes Final.

    Petitioning for Review in the Supreme Court

    For more information click on questions below.
    What is a petition for review?
    Who may file a petition for review, and what is the time limit for filing it?

    Any party may file a petition for review of any Court of Appeal order or decision, as California Rules of Court, rule 8.500(a) provides. The petition for review must be served and filed within 10 days after the Court of Appeal decision becomes final, as explained in California Rules of Court, rules 8.500(e) and 8.264. Any party opposed to review may file an answer to the petition, or may ask the court to review additional issues in the case.

    How does the Supreme Court decide whether to grant a petition for review?
    What are the requirements for the form and contents of petitions for review?
    What are the requirements for service?
    What are the filing fees for a petition for review, and are they payable in all types of cases?
    When will the petition for review be decided?
    Can I be notified when the petition in a particular case is decided?
    What happens if the petition for review is denied?
    What happens if the petition for review is granted?
    If a petition for review is granted, when must briefs on the merits be filed?
    What is a brief on the merits?
    What are the requirements for the form and contents of briefs?
    When will oral argument be scheduled?
    When will the Supreme Court opinion issue, and what happens then?

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