Awake! and public Watchtower almost identical for appearance and content

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  • donnye

    blondie states "the material is at a 3rd grade level, lower than ever. If I were still a believing jw, I would be feel it was insulting to present to the non-jw."

    I would be feel it was...... ???? Is this a new american term?

  • Magnum

    donnye, it's not "a new american term" (at least not that I know of). Probably just answering quickly without proofreading. I catch myself doing stuff like that all the time. Blondie probably was thinking something like "I would be insulted" and changed her thought while typing to "I would feel it was insutling".

  • donnye

    oh - you mean she is also in the "3rd grade level, lower than ever" department. We best all do spellchecks from now on LOL

    Thank you for explaining it to me.

  • donnye

    oops - I mean, we best all do proofreading from now on then :D

  • Ocean1111

    Obviously it is now half rations watered down plagiarism from men with ZERO holy spirit, in fact plenty of the opposite. Jehovah's witnesses ministry has ended in its own time, only needing to be made official soon by Bethel "Papal Bull".

    I guess Zechariah 12:1-2 is correct. Bethel (Israel) has now "come to besiege" Jehovah's witnesses (Jerusalem) with no food and poisoned water. (Rev8:10-11);

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    As far as the general public is concerned, both the Watchtower and Awake magazines fall under the category of 'junk mail' in that they have always been unwanted, unasked, undesired, unpopullar, unwelcome and unsolicited pieces of religious promotional material that soon after being received wind up in the trash.

    It has taken WT nearly a 100 years to come to grips with this and for that reason will soon drop if not both at least one of these magazines!!!

  • smiddy

    A JW.ORG magazine with sub-headings incorporating "Awake" and "Watchtower" in the one magazine is my bet , that they will be dishing out to the public.


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