Was there an adjustment to the August WT, QTR at the new Circuit Assembly

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  • smiddy

    Refresh my memory .Where in the bible does it specifically say their will be an earthly resurrection ?


  • watson

    I am so happy for this very important clarification of the truth.

  • prologos

    After all the ifs, possibilities, one phrase at the end of the two pages stands out: "--Death ends a marriage.--" so:

    If there is a physical resurrrection, and even catholics recite "-- I believe in the resurrection of the flesh--", there would have to be a re-marriage IF allowed, and the other past partners of the lady in question do not object:

    "-- for ever hold his peace--"?

    Thank you Quarterback and Wifibandit for the link.

    It is not right to say there is no marriage in heaven, think of god and "the woman" her seed, and Christ and his bride. These are monopolies of course.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    My belly button lint told me to tell you (or else the beatings will continue) that unprovable nonsense is still unprovable nonsense what ever flavour it is, so go do something useful instead.


    The 'marriage ends at death' part is exactly right. Death ends it all, period. Dead marriage mates will not be re-married because they will be DEAD.....forever. It's a nice fantasy to believe that marriage partners will be together once again in Paradise. But, sadly, that's just Magical Thinking. Nobody survives death, not even Jesus. So the best bet is for married couples to make the most of their lives together NOW. Because, ultimately, NOW is all we've got.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    @NAVYTOWN - Perfectly summed up!



    Here is the reason that I asked for some clarification. There was a drama about a year ago that featured Job and his wife ( whoever she was, it doesn't matter because she is female) in their resurrected state. They were holding hands on stage.

    Keep in mind that this was one of the very first DC's where this drama was performed. A shockwave rippled through the entire area. JWs were freaking out because Job and his wife were holding hands. I know this sounds crazy, but I personally know the brother in charge of that particular drama. ANYWAY.. the shock waves eventually caused the Branch to tell all the other brothers putting on this drama to ABSOLUTELY NOT SHOW JOB AND HIS WIFE HOLDING HANDS.

    I shit you not. This shows that the BORG are 1) Fearful, 2) controlling, 3) reactionary. So this article did NOT just happen to be written. It is a direct measure to dispel and diffuse a screw up that alarmed the ignorant sheep. The sheep cannot reason for themselves as they have been conditioned to be docile providers of income and free labor for MOTHER. The Org is desperately re-branding and planning for the future of JW.ORG and the slow demise of the WTBTS. They cannot afford to have the sheeple doubt even one teaching, or start thinking for themselves. So they ORG is figuratively stroking the genitals of the flock to calm them. Gross, but true...


  • Magnum

    DATA-DOG - interesting. I wonder whether the instructions for the drama stated for Job and wife to hold hands or the brother in charge just added that part.

  • stillin

    The idea is to keep everybody's equilibrium off balance by throwing out little tidbits like that. As though anybody really knows the answers to those questions! But the r&f suck it all up. They want to be on the cutting edge of the latest and the greatest "new light."

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