Timbuktu try again

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    This bus load of people crashes off of a cliff it is very late in the day. St peter is about to call it quits for the day and they don't have very many spaces left that day in heaven. When he finally gets to the last two on the bus there is only one spot left.

    He explains that this has happened before and that what they do is draw a word out of a hat and whoever makes the best poem gets to go to heaven and the other one got to well you know

    the two had been on the bus together for quite some time and the other knew that his seatmate was the famous poet Robert Frost and complained that this arrangement was not fair. St peter assured him that all would be fair and that he could draw the word from the hat.

    he drew the word Timbuktu

    in protest they went into cubicles to compose their poems

    Robert Frost went first ---smiling

    We planned a very lengthy trip

    aboard a wooden sailing ship

    we sailed across the ocean blue

    our destination Timbuktu

    Wow says the other guy I didn’t even really know what Timbuktu meant but anyway

    here goes

    A camping Tim and I both went

    We saw three girls in a tent

    As they were three and we were two

    I bucked one

    And Tim bucked two

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    Thanks speedracer i thought it was pretty funny too.

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    Ah, to be Tim!

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    Very funny

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