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  • wifibandit

    > "The WT really has no chance in such a world of free and accessible information."

    Can confirm. Over at another exjw forum we have seen record numbers as well. 4,795 subscribers now on www.reddit.com/r/exjw , mostly a younger crowd.

    You could say "an all time peak" to borrow a phrase

  • quellycatface

    Hi Doctor, how is the job?? Hope that you are keeping your patients in line!!!!

    Nice to hear from you.

    Miss ya.

  • Magnum

    Nice to hear from you.

  • snare&racket

    Aww cheers guys x

    Thankfully (after 7yesrs of study) I am LOVING the job and feel like I am doing the right thing, at the right time. at the right place, at the right moment in my life.

    Never have the governing body and their oppressive regime seemed so surreal and disant. A reign of tyranny through fear and emotional blackmail. Again, the further you get away from it, the more amazing it is that we were one of the very few people on esrth to fall for such utter nonsense, whether indoctrinated as a child or not. It is quite embarassing.

    As for the medicine, it is fulfilling the very desires that appealed to me withinn the JW's, only it is REAL. I do get to make a difference, I am offering hope and I have prolonged life and prevented death. I don't wield this responsibility with arrogance or demanding exclusive devotion. It is an honour and a privilege. Autonomy, capacity and respect rules supreme.

    My very first week, on my first dsy having replaced the doctor I took over from, I had an emergency call......I opened the curtain to find an obvious anaphylaxis. The responsibility landed in my psyche in an instant.....this is life threatening with minutes to treat her and prevent a horrible incident. There was nobody around i.e. no seniors. I was informed as I arrived that they couldn't get access to the patients veins, essential for the life saving drugs. Anaphylaxis is what every new doctor dreads and I literally got it on day one. The patient had been stung by a wasp, they had diffuse blistered red skin, limbs swollen by a good 40%, airway swollen and a room full of nervous family and nurses. Inside.....I was petrified.

    i have been on this board from day one of my medical training spanning nearly a decade. From the early days of amazement at how easy it was to question science, question authority, the irony that it was encouraged. Such a polar opposite tothe stance of the self sppointed men that dictated my youth. It is quite a bizzare experience to become the valued asset, the authority in a room, to have an opinion that matters, to be a source of information and even life saving skills......having been raised a JW automotom under the influence of 8 men in Brooklyn, men I wouldnt know if we were swuished together in an elevator.

    I got access, I got the life saving drugs in and watched a deteriorating patient get well before my eyes........a moment I will remember forever.

    All that hard work, 7 years struggling, losing my JW identity and support, right then, It was all so worth it...... two months on and several life saving incidients later I am fully aware how fortunate a man I now am.

    Leave Watchtower and live........ really live.....

    Dr Snare x

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    And dont go and bugger off again, k?

  • carla

    Glad you are doing well! Great story

  • KateWild

    What a lovely experience snare. Thanks for sharing. Kate xx

  • WingCommander

    But what your local body of Elders really want to know is, "Have you given or accepted a blood transfusion? How many times? With whom? Did you enjoy it? Male or female? Was it in the dark, or in a park? Was it a little, a lot, or just a needle prick? Whole blood (unusual in this day in age I know) or just components? Fractions? Fractions of a component? How about organ transplantation? Have you brazenly contributed your doctrinal knowledge to helping a transplant team with blood-soaked organs? Do you drain the blood from the organs, kosher style after removing them and giving them to the transplant team? What organs were they? A penis or an eye? I encourage you to contact your nearest Hospital Liason Committee members and straighten this all out immediately so that the local Body of Elders can have a complete and correct understanding in which to fill in your congregation member card and with which to judge and shun you.


    - Wing Commander

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    S&R, that is the best thing I have ever read. I appreciate your intellect, motives and decisions immensely. Thank you so much! I feel happy for anyone who gets you as their doctor and wish we had you here.


  • Auntfancy

    It is nice to hear from you and I enjoyed your experience. You are right, we all need to go out and live because it is the best revenge and life truly is great, you can make it whatever you choose.

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