Why Jehovah's Witnesses Are Susceptible To Ponzi-Schemes and Rip-Off Artist More than the public!

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  • flipper

    BUCKET SHOP BILL- Great thread. JW's are taught to be WAY too trusting of others within the JW organization and it sets them up to be let down and dissappointed either personally, financially, or ethically. It's the tactics of mind control and manipulation of JW's loyalties so as to make them put on blinders to any negative fallout they may suffer from trusting WT leaders or anybody among them too much. THAT is what mind control does: it blinds the victim to critical thinking ability and they suffer because of not looking at the whole , bigger picture. Years ago when I was a JW before 2003 - I saw plenty of Witnesses taken advantage of from ponzi and real estate schemes, investment schemes out here in California and the ones who abused others with these schemes are still serving as elders to this day. I guess the big " Jehovah " in the sky does NOT take care of these unjust people does he ? They keep profiting off of the " empty minds " of rank & file JW's ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Balaamsass2

    Bucket Shop Bill, That Islamic fund caught my attention. When the fund manager does poorly.....what happens to him??

  • Hortensia

    Because they are true believers who don't ask questions?

  • Ocean1111

    Just look at the internal Bethel racketeers and one knows JW gullibility will equate to a multi-billion dollar global JW-org cash-cow BBQ soon. Then they will sell that corporate takedown as "prophecy fulfilling brothers!", see ya! JWs will be left for a couple years looking into the sky wondering why Jesus aint showed up yet.

    Instead world government will pop in before Christ. And this is why I do not hate, blame or dislike the averge JW dolt, it is their gold-plated "golden calf" holy-man central Governing Body of Racketeers who pulled this off. I actually feel sorry for the average JW who too will be a victim of delusion. But even stranger things will follow all that, so it will not be totally for nothing.

    The org billion dollar nest egg is the lucrative mark. It can now be kissed... good bye. And it will be naive street level JWs who aided it, believed it, defended it and will go down scattered with it because they listened to men, rather than the Bible and the principles in it that expose Bethel as a man worshiping apostasy, plain and simple.

    Thus in a certain way I also understand JWs are also too blame for this turn out, as many of us as did support the racket for a while, but especially those still supporting it, it is clearly a classic con by infiltration in my opnion, it is an actual operation to juicy in loot and booty to pass up when it is the dumbest and most naive guys on earth guarding such wealth. It was like stealing candy from a blind baby for the expert racketeers and actors all over the global Bethel system.

  • BucketShopBill

    Amana's Funds are not bad and usually don't get slammed hard in a down Market because the management look for deep-value plays. Management won't invest in Businesses that charge interest to Muslims and that's why they are not doing so great vs the Index but when things turn these funds usually have a lower beta. I think you said you were a former asset manager,you know how hard it is to beat the Index and all the heavy costs Alpha Chasers charge their investors.

    Balaam, sorry you mother got ripped off by the Watchtower's "Conditional Loan" Scam, people ask why we are posting information on forums like JWN, I tell them "We don't want the youth getting scammed out of their best years of life, all we want is for the Youth and regular humanity to see the Watchtower truthfully, not their white-washed lies! Ex-JWs don't want to see young people and new people throw their lives away following a group of men chasing their tails trying to control a majority of mentally ill people.

    If a person is inclined, they need to look follow the ETFs with expense ratios running at 0.05%, their are funds blowing the doors off Vanguard's cost structure. It's too bad, you probably had so many JWs hit you up asking for help to manage their $400 in savings and squirm when you advised them they need to set something aside for the "older years". The Elders were the worst offenders of not saving cash, many of the men would say "The End is so close we don't need to worry about funding our 401k", now they are crying our State just cut the extra funds given to the poor from $280 a month to $65, can you imagine a Elder who never paid much in to the Tax System complaining how little he's getting from Satan's Charity Wing of the USA and State set-asides for the poor? I enjoy your posts very much Balaam, you and 'third-generation" are totally cool!

    Ocean, what ever happened to "Religion is a Snare and a Racket", what is the Watchtower Organization teaching, is it religion or business? Your totally right in your assessment of the Watchtower, they are a Billion Dollar Scam!

  • Ocean1111


    Yes the early slogan was religion (in general) was the snare, not "false religion" so them dropping that detail allowed an organizational idolatry to develop as "true religion" versus "false religion". In reality, in my opinion, ALL of major organized "Christianity" and other mega religions are all fully controlled and rackets, including Bethel. Thus religion really is a racket when it goes corporate. Just can't help it, cons, money men and middle men just love religious dolts to milk and lead, plain and simple. They have made BILLIONS in this kind of spiritual Ponzi scheme. But there are many other red flags of an organizational corporate coup for real has formed at Bethel, and a billion dollar "nest egg" is part of the motive.

    Because many global forecasters know how the WW1, WW2 and the Cold War "problem" all equated to a UN "solution" presentation, it is obvious GWOT is a fourth cycle preparation. Now Bethel says "it can end any day now brothers!", but in fact a very huge final globalization culminating cycle must play out for the final globalizing glue. This is why Bethel, though saying "the end" is tomorrow, are also at the same time building a "new world headquarters" - it makes no sense, why? If the end is as close as they act like they believe, why a freakin' 13 million dollar new HQ? Its ridiculous these kinds of contradictions. It is because the Bethel boys at the top KNOW the end is not any day now - they KNOW about the purpose of the greater globalization cycle.

    Thus JWs will be left with no HQ when the coup hits in my opinion. In my opinion JWs will never touch that "new world headquarters" it will shift into the hands of others, and in the process JWs will be spiritually "homeless", no HQ altogether. (IMO they are hyping JWdot-org so they can reliably issue commands to jostled JWs even if they lose their kingdom halls, the Bethel Pied Piper commanders have the website for more commands, and that is why they all of a sudden are hyping the website so JWs wil flock there in worst case scenarios for more flute strains).

    But twisting prophecies around to instill a premature end scenario into doltified JWs is probably the biggest hint Bethel is actually a full infiltration top intel operation with big bucks and properties as part of the goal of the corporate seizure. They want to sell the Bethel corporate downfall to JWs as "the end". Thus when the coup comes, it can unwind for a couple peak years and JWs will think, "yep! it is the end brothers!", when in fact the final cycle just unwinds as the former 1-2-3 cycles as usual, to full globalization 4th cycle and a final UN presentation, but of course as a world government many YEARS from now.

    Thus selling JWs "the end is any day brothers!" is just a hyped up smokescreen exit strategy and it is working and it will work because Christ is not showing up as soon as JWs think, Bethel is going down well well before even world government presents itself through its fourth cycle. WW1, WW2 and the Cold War were capped off with UN presentations, thus it is logical the international government architects like to use global tribulations, even if mostly psychological as in the Cold War, to present their UN related "solution" masterpiece at the end of the cycle. The goal, imo, is to sink and strip Bethel as the cycle BEGINS. That way they can bulldoze the JW problem asap.

    We are at the beginning preparations, like GWOT's global positioning, for that fourth cycle. We even have a "global war" "on terror" self proclaimed "world war" that few are catching on is for a second phase requirement. And it is into that global intrigue that the Bethel Titanic GB captains will steer the ship to be abandoned but looted in the exit. JWs own jumbled misapplied and misarranged "theology", by Bethel orchestration, will provide the "self fulfilling prophecy" smokescreen for that exit.

    So in reality, in my opinion, it is even worse at Bethel than people here are realizing. JWs are being steered into a few years of TOTAL planned confusion and "prophecy fulfilling brothers!" is the means by which Bethel created this fantastic grand delusion. That is not accidental, they plan to cover their exit with false mental expectation literally drilled, stamped and ironed into the average JW skull for the last 40 years.

    There is more to these Bethel anomalies than meet the eye, it is just the TIP of the hideous internal iceberg INSIDE Bethel arranged for the pillage, and duped JWs will AID THE PROCESS for quite some time and will be left holding the empty bag when it comes down and the internal operators vanish.

    In my opinion that is what the top liars at Bethel really are, not even Christian at all, but expert racketeers at global levels of planning and ability for a multi-billion dollar cash cow BBQ. That coup will cap off the JW discrediting campaign, because though a tribulation cycle will form, NOTHING else JWs now forecast will manifest in the order of events now used to prime false JW expectations. Since it takes a few years to eventually see that forecast failure, that is why this can drag on for a while as Bethel implodes purposely aided from within. JWs have no idea the enemy is INSIDE their house now. (Dan11:32a, 41).

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