Why are alot of JW's Fascinated with Sci-Fi?

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  • rmt1

    Adults fall over themselves to delineate how 14 year olds are know-it-alls that bear no cognitive merit or recognition, have no insight into anything, source no legitimate complaints or observations about the religious system and logic into which their parents have raised them, and can be answered with a pat assurance by an elder or two or three who just remind them to (what the &%&^% ever they say) and just (wait on whoever) or (whatever) (you can fill in all these ad libs). The role of a 14 year old is to shut the hell up about any inconsistencies they observe, and deceitful or concerning patterns they detect, and falsities they hear with their very own ears, and hypocrisies they see with their very own eyes. The role of a fourteen year old is to be told they don't know what the hell they're talking about when they read up on the latest -at the time- scientific journals about theories of parallel universes and many worlds and multiverse, which raise the spectre of multiple iterations of a deity-like-Jehovah-type for each and every of those parallel planes of existence. The science fiction section of the school library could not have been big enough to provide the salve to cover the open wound of life bleeding out, day in day out, from loss of opportunity to use one's mind, loss of opportunity to develop long term relationships with real humans of one's own age, loss of opportunity to travel the world as if it was here to be experienced, etc etc etc. Science fiction does all that for someone that cowers in the cult.

  • Vidiot

    NoMoreHustle - "...they PICK & CHOOSE what they want to be 'holier than thou on' & make concessions on other things."

    That's because it's not really about being "holy".

    It's about maintaining appearances within your group.

  • Simon

    It's escapism ... the stories also often have elements of religion mixed in so probably appeal to the same basic instincts.

    But really, the comic book movies are just so awesome - soon the only movies made will be Marvel super-hero ones! (it seems like that)

  • Vidiot


    Us geeks have inherited the earth.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    soon the only movies made will be Marvel super-hero ones!

    Only Marvel? Does that mean no more Batman?

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