Will WT start having JW kids do school in kingdomhalls?

by EndofMysteries 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blondie

    My point was that the WTS does not officially set up schools apart from the local school system unless there were no choice and then it is the local jws who do it. All the WTS did/does it not condemn it....as far as I know they have not changed that concept. jws can home school according to Caesar's rules, be sure they send their children to school for the required length of time of the government. The WTS does not want to spend the time or money in setting up schools for jws. To date there have been some private schools that are run by jws and have jw students but not by the WTS. But they are few and far between and have proven deficient in the students they turn out.

    jw children may avoid "bad association" at school but that was not the goal of the "kingdom schools" back then. As soon as they could they returned to the local school system, public. The WTS does not want jws to spend their time and money.

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