THE ULTIMATE statement which addresses the cult of death: Armageddon obsession

by Terry 13 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • GrreatTeacher

    This seems to be the same phenomenon as hoarders who live in filthy conditions. A thing piles up here and there, soon you can't clean because of all of the junk, and a musty smell turns into a rank smell until they don't even notice the smell of decomposing rodents.

    Little by little, the eye gets "blind" to the hoard and the nose becomes "blind" to the smell.

    Would a JW even be disturbed by a pile of rotting bodies?

  • poopsiecakes

    Thank you for posting this, Terry. Christopher Hitchens has a way of boiling things down to a beautiful, logical endgame that not only makes sense, but provides hope in us as a species. I miss him.

  • Mikado

    hitchens is such a loss to the world, he was wonderful.

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