Why do JWs think ISIS is sadisitc but the Israelites under Jah's command loving?

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  • BU2B

    I have heard so many JWs complain about ISIS and how cruel and sadistic and pitiless they are. All my mind can think about is how their techniques are so similiar to the ancient Israelites under Joshua that the JWs feel are heroes and champions of true worship.. Role models for kids.

    ISIS believes that non-believers who do not subscribe to their world view should be killed in brutal ways. They have come into Iraq and Syria from other places (just like the Israelites came into Caanan from abroad) and are slaughtering and decapitating young men women and children.

    If anything the israelites were worse since they did this on a larger scale and in city after city, killing animals and everyone else. Why do JWs and other supporters of OT morality have a problem with ISIS pulling over a bus with 60 people on board from age 6 months to 90 years old and killing them all on the shoulder of the highway? I know they will say that the difference is that JE-Hoover commanded the Israelites but not ISIS, but still, why is one outrageous, brutal and sickening but the other are heroes and role models? How is Joshua any different from the head of ISIS? If they truly believe they are doing the will of God, how are they any different than Joshuas armies as they slaughtered babies, pregnant women, the elderly and helpless animals meanwhile stealing the women to be sex slaves.

    My mind cannot see any difference between the two. I am baffled as to how JWs can read the OT and still refer to Jehovah as a "loving god" I know the arguments say how horrible the Cannanites were and they deserved to die, but the same mentality would say if a country was "bad" just nuke it! Its like saying we should nerve gas North Korea and everyone in it because its "bad".

    Even when I was a full believer, the OT accounts of genocide truly botherd me and because of them I never was able to "love" Jehovah. I think people who condenm ISIS and other groups of their ilk, yet praise the accounts in the OT are dishonest with themselves at best, moral monsters at worst.

  • BU2B

    And they should at least commend ISIS on their zeal, albeit misplaced and their techniques that have biblical precedent following examples such as Joshua and Moses. Why dont they?

  • sir82

    You've been a JW a long time. You already know the answer.

    If Jehovah says "slaughter babies and take the girls so you can rape them", that's perfectly fine...because it was Jehovah who said it.

    If Allah says "slaughter babies and take the girls so you can rape them", that is the most heinous thing imaginable.

    It's called "cognitive dissonance".

  • Viviane

    Because reasons.

  • BU2B

    I know but my point was that even if Jehovah is not behind ISIS, they should still not be repusled by their methods, since they are scriptural.

  • BluesBrother

    What about the J W doctrine of Armageddon and the proposed slaughter of all those who do not subscribe to their own religion?

    It is a terrible thing to say . I do not want to demonise individual dubs or to imply any sympathy at all for those fighting radical religious wars.

    I can see a similarity in the attitude though between them . Of course the big difference in that radicals fight and kill with their own hand and the dubs sit back in the belief that Jesus and the angels are going to the dirty work for them - but the result is the same .

    Both want to set up a religious state, a world where only their own religion is practised and tolerated . All the non believers would be slaughtered . in the future , those who regress into non belief or the resurrected who fail to appreciate "Jehovah' worship " would suffer the "second death"

    These concerns played a major role in my decision to quit the faith. Those who don't worry about it are either cold hearted so and so's or they just pass the buck and "trust Jehovah to do the right thing"

  • DocHouse

    Thoise like you without real faith, don't know God- and have no desire to see evil eliminated.

    So why the whining?

    God Himself (whom you don't believe in) states that He has NO desire to destroy the wicked- but will HAVE to.

    Of course, you might think He shopuld make all into robots, eh?

  • sir82


    Based strictly on your last post, I can't tell if you are a JW or a Muslim. A person of either faith could have written exactly what you did.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    "God Himself (whom you don't believe in) states that He has NO desire to destroy the wicked- but will HAVE to."

    So God has to act against his own will? Hmm, maybe it's not easy being omniscient and omnipotent!

  • sporece

    Who was the guy in Israel that kept some of the gold " ACHAN ".

    He got killed but all his relatives lost their lives because of his theft.

    Sickining isn't it some of the "justice" "we find in the inspired word of god"

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