My neighbor is a return visit. Should I say something?

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  • whathappened

    Print out one of these excellent pamphlet from and discreetly leave it for her to find.

    My favorite one for her would be "Jehovah's Wintesses Will be Knocking on Your Door" because I have used it with good results in the past.

  • ssn587

    So my advice is ask the neighbor questions, lead them to information they will need (i.e. to really get informed about just what the witness really were about and what would be expected of her in the event she became one. Let her/them know it isn't jdubs knocking on the door that indicates whether or not they will receive everlastig life, nor is taking their magazines. Tell her it isn't them who separate the good people from the bad people and refer her to Matthew 13:49 and show her it's angels not people that do that.

  • Zoos

    Lots of great ideas. Thank you everyone. The one statement that stood out was:

    OneEyedJoe: I don't know how I could live with myself if I didn't say something and they ended up getting sucked in to the cult.

    I think that about sums it up for me.

    I have a pretty good relationship with the neighbors. I think I can broach the subject without coming across as Mrs. Kravitz. I' ll go armed with that brochure from jwfacts.

    Thanks all!

  • OneEyedJoe

    Be sure to let us know how it goes. Good luck!

  • bobert

    Yes you most certainly should. Don't shoot down her faith in god or anything, and don't be super direct.


    Weak souls are sucked in by Jeehoober. The promise of Paradise Earth is strong. I would have do say something or leave a tract. covers the bases in a very tactful manner.


  • Vanderhoven7

    What would you like your neighbour to do if your situations were reversed?

    How about sharing your experience with the witnesses with her?

  • SG098

    Any update Zoos?

  • Zoos


    I was walking out to the street to retrieve my mail and spotted my neighbor in the yard. We have a friendly enough rapport with each other so I just came right out and asked, "So... when are you getting baptized?"

    She knew what I was talking about.

    The look on her face was priceless. She rolled her eyes and became so animated: "HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM GO AWAY???" She told how she has asked them three times to stop coming over but they keep coming. I told her she made the mistake of accepting a piece of their literature. "Once you do that, you’re in the database. Remember that song Hotel California?"

    Again... the look on her face was priceless.

    I asked her to continue being respectful to them as she already told me she was. I explained how most of them are good people, just out doing what any good drone will do. But you have to put your foot down and be firm.


    All that was a few days ago. My neighbor since found out and told me that it was a friend of hers that put the JWs up to calling on her as a joke. Friend of a friend works with a JW and gave them a lead

  • scotinsw

    Fabulous update.

    Slightly off topic but I wonder how many "I would like to find out more" submission on are pranks!

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