Question for the nonbelievers and atheists

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  • stuckinarut2

    I have mentioned it before, but you just have to watch these youtube channels....!

    If you still have a faith in the bible after doing so, then I applaud you....



    messed up bible stories

    These are a great laugh, and also ver thought provoking!

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    It was the same logic that brought me out of belief in the WT.

    If one is intellectually honest with oneself, it is the only logical outcome.

  • bigmac

    as far back as i can remember---ive never believed in a giant invisible gas cloud in the sky. primitive ancient man invented god to explain what wasnt understood. no excuse for it these days-----other than as justification for religious hatred.

  • garyneal

    I would have to say that my beliefs range a broader spectrum of Christian theism, deism, and atheism. Originally, I began to think that the WT religion was the one true religion and began to doubt my own Christian beliefs. Then I researched and discovered quite quickly that there were a lot of errors in their doctrine but I still struggled as they did get some things right. Eventually, I was able to shake the WT doctrines but I found myself is a strange dilemma concerning what the true religion really was. I started attending church but found out that they got things wrong and that many of the church goers did not really read the Bible. At the time I use to think that the Bible was the source of all Truth (with a capital T) but I was challenged on that here and elsewhere. Eventually, I came to actually read the Bible for myself and found a God who did not in resemble the one I believed in in many cases.

    When I first broke away from WT beliefs and began reembracing my Christian beliefs I vowed never to commit the same dishonesty and fallacy that I saw in the WT publications and from JWs. It wasn't long before I found my own arguments untenable and I began seeing Christian apologists making the same fallacies as the WT. Now I simply see them as both being cut from the same cloth. I still believe in a God concept and I believe in Christ's teachings but I think the Bible does not accurately depict God. I think Matt Dillahunty says it best when he refers to himself as an atheist because he simply votes 'not guilty' on the existence of God based on the evidence.

  • Terry

    Let's not be quick. Let's not be rash. Let's not be too broad.

    I've only rejected the teeny bit of nonsense I have been able to glimpse in my lifetime passed off as "god."

    If I say, "NO" to that tiny sample--that's not a drop in the bucket of disbelief.

    So, why be so hasty?

    We can't KNOW everything or see everything or even think everything there is to think.

    I am a provisional agnostic.

    I'm only ignorant (don't laugh) about what I see as unknown or unknowable.

    What does that mean?

    I've seen struggling humanity grappling with problems who put their own troubles and pain on hold to HELP strangers.

    To me, THAT is as good as GOD.

    I've seen lying, indifferent, callous disregard for the fragility of life. To me, THAT is as good as EVIL.

    Should I conclude only ONE THING about people from that? No.

    People are individual pixels in the BIG PICTURE.

    It is more comprehensible at the pixel level than at the BIG PICTURE level.

    I can grasp hope by looking at the wonderful. But, I can be mindful of the dumb fucks lurking at the edge of shadows.

    In the end . . . it's really up to me what I non-believe.

    I have chose to non-believe the unbelievable ONLY.

    There's plenty left for hope, mercy, goodness and the mysterious . . . called "love."

  • bobert

    Don't mean to derail anyone's faith, but for me it was reading the mosaic law, and how barbaric it is. What really pushed me off the edge is how God's law is perfect, yet it constanlty undergoes major changes. That was the main reason, a bunch of other reasons aswell.

  • poopsiecakes

    In my case, once I allowed myself to realize that JW's were full of crap it didn't take much to continue pulling at the thread until everything unravelled in a woolly mess on my lap. And I couldn't be happier.

  • RagingBull

    I think religion has morphed GOD into whatever they/mankind want it to be. If GOD exists it is probably far different than anyone has imagined. The GOD of the Bible is bipolar, and uncaring - keeping everyone waiting for thousands of years while the most horrid things take place here on earth. I do not count out that there could be SOMETHING out there, it's just that IF there is a GOD, it must be beyond our comprehension.

    I've always been curious about Ancient civilizations (Egypt in particular) and how they worshipped...what was their religious views and why did they hold these beliefs? I questioned if the Jews really were slaves in Egypt and if there were evidence of the Exodus from Egypt at all. And if they were so special why is it that THEY are not the ones who originated WRITTEN or DRAWN records of history/stories, astronomy and so on? It appears that because the Israelites of old were no big deal, they decided to create their own history. Drawing on things they learned in Egypt (stories and moral codes) and tweeking them to fit their race or culture while borrowing from other ancient civilizations. I wondered about the timeline from Adam (some say 4062BCE or something) and the age of some of the man-made monuments, structures, villages, tools that all seem to pre-date the Biblical Adam. The Wheel itself is older than Adam. I considered infant mortality during ancient times as well.

    I feel that religion is just what keeps people in line and under the control of those who know how to use it as a tool to pressure and manipulate individuals. Religion guilttrips people into giving over their money, lives, and minds to it. If GOD exists...the shit we bother to stress over is none of it's concern I can guarantee you.

  • AudeSapere


  • Hairtrigger

    Why would the creature who initiated the problem in Eden be allowed to live and prove a point ( when in open rebellion against god) when the duped ( who showed no rebellion except foolishness) were killed off? Not only was satan allowed to live, but given a free ticket to continue to tempt men who were already imperfect. The perfect ones couldn't resist him how were imperfect humans supposed to?

    Why would the decendants of a singleman -when so many others existed at the same time- be singled out for special treatment by a neutral god -if indeed he was impartial. And why a fair skinned race of people while humans of a darker skin color were ignored?

    And why spend over 3500 hundred years in trying to get the rest of the world to know him if he really wanted to be known as the true god?

    These questions continued to plague me all the while I was a Witness.

    Then suddenly I came upon the the contradiction between james 13 and Jobs problems. None could explain that . Discovered J.W.Facts and COC. That was it. The bible went out and with it the belief in a diety.

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