You're Wrong

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    Pistoff , interdenominational co-operation is happening more and more everywhere . Christians at grass roots level and indeed higher up the chain are realising that not one denomination has all the answers or resources and that coming together under one banner as Christians is the right way to go .

    Looter , outdated thinking . Yes there was a time when some parts of some denominations would have an attitude of superiority , but that is increasingly being swept away . I do have to wonder if some of the thinking on the site is from the JW stance of total superiority , which does still exist . Of course even if invited , and they may have been , they would have no cotter with any other religious organisation or charity .On this subject I can speak with authority because I am a practising member of a Christian church and I know that Catholics , Baptists , Methodists , Anglicans etc are coming together more and more and recognising that we all have one Lord and one goal - to spread the Gospel and to show Christ's love in as many practical ways as possible .

    Navytown , I am an Anglican and I have touble personally with SOME parts of Catholic theology , they don't work for me , but I recognise that their commitment to God and the Bible is just as strong as mine and we have more in common than not . Our core beliefs are identical and I am happy to read the works of Catholic writers and have learned a lot from them . (same goes for any Christian church )


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