How do JW's know if their ministry is successful?

by Sour Grapes 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    In my hall there have been three individuals baptized in the past 2 years and

    they are all children of JW families. We have quit a few pioneers so there is

    not much to show for all of the hours being put in. Witnesses are being trained

    to count sucess not by growth but by how many hours they put in and how many

    magazines are placed and now how many tracts are placed. Years ago when there were

    specialtract campaigns we never counted tracts but now it is important to do so. Counting

    tacts is important because before too long I am guessing that the magazines will

    not be offered door to door but tracts will. If witnesses were told that they no longer

    have to turn in our hours the emotional let down would be overwhelming. The latest

    thing for motivation is due to the latest tract drive you have encouraged people to turn

    to the internet with the results of millions of hits on JW.Org. Everyone will feel good

    even though there is no growth in the congregation.

    Sour Grapes

  • DocHouse

    The gfact that we obey the command of Christ makes our work "successful"- even if ALL pay no attention to us or scripture...

  • sloppyjoe2

    I don't think success really matters to most JWs. Paradise and resurrection is what they think about Now. 200 years from now the JWs of that time will still think they are the truth while holding on to whatever version they have at the time. Sure JWs will say they do it for Jehovah but they all fall back to the same reason in the end. My mother in law knows it's all wrong but can't get past not seeing her dad again and missing paradise. That holds a lot I powet over JWs.

  • DocHouse

    My, don't you clowns EVER tire of telling me what I think?

  • DocHouse

    he blunders of my brotherhood don't affect my faith since it DOESN'T rest on them...

  • jam

    Doc, what's with the name calling?????

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    "If witnesses were told that they no longer have to turn in our hours the emotional let down would be overwhelming."---Sour Grapes

    I disagree. I think many would be glad to not have to turn in time anymore.

  • jam

    I think attendance would go up if they no longer had to

    turn in time..

  • Heaven

    My Father was a JW for over 25 years. He never once convinced a single soul to sign up. Way to go Dad!

  • stuckinarut2

    JW ministy is considered a success if you put in a report with 20+ hours a month and 20+ literature placements, and 10+ rv's or bible studies....

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