WT is obsessed with "Korah"

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  • EndofMysteries

    Korah and the faithful and discreet slave go hand in hand. Korah and Sparlock. If you do a search for the word, "Korah" in the WT lib, the WT barely goes a month without showing into a WT or magazine about rebellious Korah and applying it to themselves as being Moses and if you question the authority of the GB, you'll be destroyed.

    No wonder JW's parrot Korah everytime anything that questions the authority of the GB comes up.

  • prologos

    and to use alliteration, Korah and Korban = obey! and all your posessions, time are devoted to the Mediator of you: the GB FADS

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Funny, I can't say I remember seeing the GB part the Red Sea. Or perfrom any miracle for that matter. I also don't remember seeing God's "pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night" leading them. Maybe I just missed it though. Anybody else see ANY reason to think they are devinely blessed or inspired?

  • prologos

    no, can not see the cloud moving from brooklyn to patterson to warwick, but the presence is invisible. Wt land is small , limited by mind control. Once you accept the talking snake, the copper snake, the opening earth opening it's mouth,- their claim is easy to swallow for the jws, mesmerized.

    The last reference was Korah offering "imitation" fire&smoke perhaps mirrors too. what wt imitations are the wt writers afraid of?, JW imitation sites like jwfacts? jwnet?

  • BluesBrother

    Korah is given as an example of apostasy in last Sunday's study WT , from July 15 issue. Korah and his followers were certainly rebels against Moses & Aaron but they brought no new teachings into the camp of Israel . When they attempted to offer incense it was on Moses instruction to see whom Jehovah would accept.

    The apostate community does not attempt to take over the running of the WTS, to supplant the G B , do we? I cannot think of an attempt to do that since J F Rutherford successfully challenged CT Russell's will in 1916.

    "Apostates" like Ray Franz simply find that they cannot any longer accept the teachings, in good conscience , and make known their reasons for thinking that way. The context of scriptures like 2 John 9 -10 & 2 Tim 2 .18 say that the ones criticized were denying Jesus Christ and his ressurection, a far cry from disagreeing with the Watchtower !

  • prologos

    blue brother you are right on these details. Nobody can penetrate the power structure that WTBTS INC has erected, but, painting with a broader brush- the smoke is a reminder of accepted worship, and wt writers see any apostate ideas circulating as a big challenge, as does the Mormon leadership.

    let us put it in perspective.

    these stories rank in credibility with 'little red riding hood and the wolf'

  • Theredeemer

    Moses claimed to be a spokesman for God. Korah challenged him and him and his followers paid the penalty with death. Not just his followers mind you but even the ones who didnt like what happened to him; 14700 people to be exact. There is no other better lesson to teach the sheep to listen no matter what!!

    GB=Moses. Korah=us (apostates). 14700 men=our family members who still talk to us

  • SadElder

    I always wondered about the fate of Korah... the scripture says they all went alive down to Sheol. Hence in dub speak they were not subject to Gehenna but are worthy of a resurrection since Sheol is mankind's common grave.

    I've showed a few dubs that over the years and they are dumbstruck. They just don't have an explanation and I've never seen a comment from the Tower on this.

  • prologos

    I'll play devil's 'Tower'* advocate on that SadElder, they will be resurrected, but be among the rebels in the four-cornered Earth after the 1000 years and release of the talking snake puppet master.

    It is an old pagan custom, the Vikings, the Egyptians and more buried or cremated some of the family with the dead. Achan's family too, another good story, give all to the central controllers, and

    Family: be vigilant! snitch on your rebellious, brilliantly thinking members, lest you get that sinking feeling in your stomachs too.

    *not the solid rock in WYoming

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    we've been here so many times ,we know well the game they play. What strikes me more than anything is though sitting through this Watchtower and seeing 100 drones answering from the paragraph and agreeing without one question ,truly indoctrinated .

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