Numbers 5:11-31. How does the society make application of this ridiculous scripture?

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  • stuckinarut2

    If you haven't read it yet, please do so. Numbers 5:11-31

    This is a scripture that is as stupid as the "medieval witch trials"!

    It is also so degrading to women, and shows how the bible views them as mere property that can be treated as just possessions.

    I would love to see how the wt tries to use this passage and make a modern day twist (as they try to do with so many other passages!)

    Any thoughts?

  • designs

    Indeed, they usually blab on about most things in the Bible, something in the Index maybe. . I have had Evangelicals say that when God does something like kill pregnant women and their unborn children it is not a sin because God did it. Richard Nixon used a similar excuse about his Presidency.

  • Splash

    This is so much like occult shamanistic magic - the sort of thing you would expect to find being done by a witch doctor.
    If a JW was watching a film and this sort of thing happened, they would feel like they had to turn it off to protect themselves from demons.

    (Numbers 5:23-26)

    23 Then the priest should write these curses in the book and wash them off into the bitter water.
    24 He will then make the woman drink the bitter water that brings a curse, and the water that brings a curse will enter into her and produce bitterness.
    25 And the priest should take the grain offering of jealousy from the woman’s hand and wave the grain offering back and forth before Jehovah, and he will bring it near the altar.
    26 The priest will take a handful of the grain offering as a token offering and make it smoke on the altar, and afterward he will make the woman drink the water.


  • designs

    Splash- it would be interesting to have several fake documentary films made based on this passage but have the scene in different cultures then let audiences describe what they think is going on.

  • Heartofaboy

    So the fetus would be aborted??

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this sort of thing still practised by some primitive, superstitious tribal shaman, but certainly not by 'God's' people, chosen by the creator of the universe to be the blessing of all mankind.

  • opusdei1972

    What absurd practice. The Law of Moses was a mess !!!!!

  • prologos

    The writers of the "law" that benefited the writer's clan, went too far on that one. liked the last verse :"-- the husband shall be without blame--" for his unfounded suspicions, or any of the ridiculous consequences.

    May be the NT stoning passage they recently took out of the RNWT, originally included this bizarre preliminary procedure too?

  • Moses Joe
    Moses Joe

    Again, you are an instance of someone taking the scripture out of context - the context being the entire rest of the bible.

    First of all, would you rather be humiliated or die?

    Second of all, this was in regards to a woman being unfaithful to her husband - she was an oath breaker and a lyer.

    Third, people complaining about the Bible being so anti-woman only do it because they take this one scripture or others like it and fly of the handle with it. You don't bother to consider the way the Bible directs men to love their wives as their own bodies, or to treat them as though they were a valuable, fragile thing (tenderly). You don't consider the examle of Hosea and his wife, or the fact that the Israelites are recorded as doing something "detestable" to god in leaving their wives for younger women and writing certificates of divorce left and right.

    No, the bible is not harsh or insensative toward woman at all. There were punishments for women AND men for comitting adultery and the punishment was, in fact, the same, "“In case a man is found lying down with a woman owned by an owner, both of them must then die together.” The scripture that you are trying to use as a point of proof that women are so poorly viewed by the bible is in fact a law that existed for her PROTECTION, because a jealous husband could claim she sinned against him - but rather than her being killed along with the man he accused this action was performed. This scripture just saved that womans life.

    Further, it wasn't even a humilation. NOBODY KNEW ABOUT IT UNLESS THE SUPPOSED CURSE TOOK HOLD. How would they know to treat her any differently otherwise? The only possible way anyone would know about this test, which was carried out in private between the man, wife, and priest, was if one of them blabbed it all over town.

  • hamsterbait

    OH - and remember that if your house had mouldy walls, you had to kill a bird over running water, dip another bird in the blood, then smash the pot you caught the blood in.... The jewish god is one smart cookie.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    So Moses Joe is saying that only if the woman is owned by another "owner" that they both must die? If the Bible wasn't anti-women why would they even have to say that? What if she wasn't "owned" by another? Would she just die???

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