New "The List" of... Times when JW's thought it was the end and it wasn't...

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  • ILoveTTATT

    I think that there should be a list of the times when a certain world event got JW's thinking "this has got to be it! The start of Armageddon!"

    It would be nice to have screenshots of twitter/facebook comments from actual JW's...

    Then come back to it 5, 10, 15 years from now and just say... NOPE... just another crisis in the world...

    Just this year there have been two:

    August 2014: ISIS and Russia

    May 2014: Vatican investigated by UN

    Last one I remember thinking "Wow, this must be it! A mayor world event!"

    Anyone that you can remember? Maybe put it in chronological order?

  • prologos

    An apropriate list because it is "whenever" or 'every time' that they say---. destruction will be upon them. whenever & everytime has not failed. list it.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Dear Brothers and lower class citizens (aka "Sisters"),

    We are living in the last days . . . no really, we're for sure this time.

    We know that two years ago we said the end would most likely have come by now but this time we're really sure. It's not like four years ago when we said this is really, really, the end. And it's definitely not like ten years ago when we said we are almost absolutley certain the end will come in the next year or two. This time, we are really, really, really, sure! We know that fifteen years ago we said it would be "any day now" but that doesn't count. And please completely disregard what we said twenty years ago about the generation born in 1914 having almost completely died off (God has illuminated in hind sight that wasn't meant to be taken litteraly - as many brothers and lower class citizens did when they read what we were obviously saying but we now didn't actually mean).

    We have "new light." We wont tell you where this new light comes from or how it came into our possesion, but please rest assured that we have it this time . . . no really, we do. It's not like the "new light" from forty years ago when we told you to sell your homes. That was different "new light." This new "new light" is much better. It comes from God himself - not that it didn't come from God last time but this time it's different - really. Just trust us okay? We are inspired by God which is why our track record of exactly ZERO fulfilled predictions and dozens of failed prophecies is an indicator of our devine inspiration.

    The most humble people on all the planet (who know they are much better than you),

    The GB

  • Gopher

    Here are some. I'm sure this list is not 100% complete of the times the WTS and JWs believed the end was surely near.

    1914: The supposed end of the Gentile times
    1915: Because the world didn't end in 1914, CT Russell moved the date back
    1925: Millions then living were supposed to 'never die' according to JF Rutherford
    Sometime in the 1940's: World War 2 was thought to be part of the great tribulation and lead to Armageddon
    Within this generation: from the 1950s to 1995 it was thought that those alive in 1914 would see Armageddon
    1975: We all know about this one, right?
    1986: The UN year of peace was thought by many JW's to be the time when the nations would say peace and security, bringining instant destruction upon them
    2000: In the 1970s their book interpreting Ezekiel said the end would come in this century
    2001: The September 11 attacks were obviously the beginning of the end
    Very soon: Every time a natural disaster (like a great tsunami) occurs somewhere, it is obviously a sign the end is right around the corner.

  • Gopher

    Sorry - double post.


    "The List" of... Times when JW's thought it was the end and it wasn't...

    Thunder storms..



    Wind chimes

    Earth Quakes..

    Birthday Party`s..



    ............................................................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • sparrowdown

    The flurry of vampire movies, zombie movies and post apocolyptic movies

    over the last decade or so have many claiming "the demons are more active then ever before"

    and a sure indicator "the end is nigh".

  • Gopher

    The scariest demons exist mainly in the minds of those who believe in demon tales.

  • ILoveTTATT

    Yeah I guess there are enough events every year to keep JW's "in check"...

    But I'd like to have a list of times when something happens and it seemingly fulfills their prophecies... like 1914 and WWI... Something that, IN THAT YEAR, would have made a JW doubt if he should come out of the witnesses.

  • millie210

    Outlaw you are so funny - I love it!

    BTW you left out ET (the movie) remember the comment in the Awake that he was mocking Jesus? LOL

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