Elders pretty much do whatever they want!

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  • AmericanCaesar

    This organization, James Jackson, lives with the law of fear. All JW's need to be afraid of the system. And the elders are part of the system.

  • KateWild

    I have been a member in two different congs. In each body there were a small fraction, one or two, of elders that were really genuine and wanted to help. All the others did things for personal gain and power to lord it over others. Anyone with a strong internal sense of justice was reigned in and generally called out as being rebellious.

    To be elder material many need to be suck ups to the CO and all current elders.

    Kate xx

  • AmericanCaesar

    Kate Wild,

    You don't need to forget that all elders ar part of the same system: The JW system. so, they act as they learned: serving the government Body :( and screwing people's private life.

  • wallsofjericho

    the odd elder is like that, but that majority are not. most are nice guys that are sincere.

    I think that people who make exaggerated claims like "ALL elders" or "every elder I've ever know" usually have other social issues

    it's not uncommon to see people project anger toward those with whom they have an inferiority complex

    Having said that, I would agree that the BOrg does employ guilt tactics that enflame these social issues and I understand why so many choose to project this toward elders, pioneers, MS's and their wives - the ones that JW R&F are conditioned to compare themselves too

    the elders in my KH are all nice guys, I am completely inactive and no one bothers me at all and I even hang out with a few of them

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