'Big Eyes' Movie is the story of art couple Margaret (an XJW) and Walter Keane

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  • SoJo16
    Saw the movie today--several references to JWs. Kind of makes me want an original Keane.
  • kairos

    Also saw the movie today with the wife.

    Still digesting, as we have known her for about 15 years.

    She's in the film as a cameo.

    Older woman sitting in the background on the park bench.

    We attended the bookstudy and meetings for service in her home.

    With her daughter Jane, too.

    She never told us anything about how rough her life was.

  • Wild_Thing
    Is she for sure an ex-JW?  My JW mom is all uber-excited to go see this movie because she still thinks she's a active witness.
  • kairos
    She is TOTALLY still a JW. 
  • bafh
    She is still a JW. 
  • kurtbethel

    Her paintings are predictive programming.

    What will humans look like in 100,000 years?

  • Vidiot


    Add spiky hair and oversized weapons, and everybody'll be a Final Fantasy cosplayer.

    Archaeologists in that era will find long-lost anime archives and wonder how the f**k we knew.

    Margaret Keene's art and religion will be rediscovered and used as the basis for a resurrected JW faith.

    Chihuahuas' descendents everywhere will diabolically rub their paws together as the final endgame of their master plan for vengeance reaches fruition.

  • smiddy

    I saw this movie yesterday ,certainly a different type of  film from Tim Burton .I found it enjoyable , humourous at times , though margaret was definetely naive , which probably explains why she became a jehovahs witness.


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