Finally, We have a Easy To Understand Explanation of the " New Light on Governing Body" and their Power Grab from Anointed JWs!

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  • BucketShopBill

    Ask any Jehovah's Witness you happen to see to explain the recent changes to the Anointed and Faithful Slave, most have no ideas how they are robbing all authority from the Anointed JWs to keep for themselves. They can't even explain the "overlapping generation", how can we expect them to catch the errors this dogma is teaching them. This article is written by someone who knows about JWs and explains in details how bad this doctrine is, it's full of holes!

    Most JWs still don't understand the changes and how the Governing Body stole the thunder from all the Anointed Brothers and Sisters except maybe the good people at Anointed JW's Website, they seem cool and real!

  • TheOldHippie

    "they are robbing all authority from the Anointed JWs to keep for themselves."

    The anointed JWs never had any authority. Some of them had in their own eyes, and behaved like kings and queens in their local congregations, but all authority has always been well sealed within the framework of the GB/HQ/"Society". Nothing has changed in day-to-day business.

  • Phizzy

    I was born not that long after Rutherford died, and in all that long time I never heard of one instance where non-Bethel dwelling Anointed were consulted about anything.

    Only the inner circle, which was Knorr and F.Franz at first, and then eventually the GB, only they have ever decided Doctrine and Policy.

    Which is why the R&F have no difficulty in taking on board the latest tripe, becaue they all knew that the reality was as said above, the GB had no knowledge of who were Anointed, they kept no central record, so couldn't consult even if they wanted to.

    Some Anointed ones over the years wrote in with ideas thinking they were having some input to the Doctrine making process, what they did not realise was their letters were read by non-Anointed Bethel Bros tasked with the job of wading through all the letters from all JW's, and they were just filed at best, probably binned before long.

  • DwainBowman

    I know of one professed anointed, that went to Brooklyn to let the rest of the gb in on the new light he had received. Upon returning home, a letter came with instructions to the local body to remove his privileges, and to mark him! I guess he raised hell while he was up there visiting! He really thought they were going to roll out the red carpet for him, and blow the trumpet's. Instead he was dfed, within a year for, you guedted it, apostasy! This was back around 82.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Most JWs still don't understand the changes . . .

    That sums it up. Period.

    And . . . they don't care to understand the changes. That would be too much work.


  • punkofnice

    The JWs are deliberately fed conflicting or confusing 'new light(tm)'. This is because it causes 'cognitive dissonance' and makes the R&F more easy to control.

    When I was in I had no idea what the doctrines were as they didn't seem to make sense a lot of the time. I thought it was just me being a dimbo but now I know it's not.

    With anything....follow the money with the WBT$'s ALL about money, power and protecting paedophiles. Disgusting!!!

  • rjharris

    There are no anointed ... not yet. There are no 144,000. They are yet to arrive.

    I know what JWs teach as I am an ex-JW of more than 30 years (disassociated).

    People and organizations are looking within the wrong time period concerning the arrival of the 144,000.

    The arrival of the 144000 comes at the first resurrection occurence by Christ. That does not occur until he is given his kingdom over the earth of one thousand years by his father in heaven.

    It is ASSUMED that Christ has been in kingdom power since 1914 (for almost 100 years now). This is a gross asumption. No date for Christs return in kingdom power can be derived from any book; namely, the Bible. Why? Because Jesus himself said that it is not possible to know the time of his return; that only the Father has such KNOWLEDGE. That his disciples WOULD NOT KNOW when he would return, but to be alert and watchful. (Matthew 24:36, Matthew 24:42, and Acts 1:7)

    I take sides with what Christ has said. Any date such as 1914 is false and an entire system of belief has been built upon it and that belief system is crumbling. This weak and false foundation (and teaching) accounts for the many "New Light" teachings emanating from the Watch Tower organization. God does not make mistakes, speaks untruths, or gives bad food. It is obvious that the 1914 is not from God, but from men. If it was from God, it would stand rock-solid against any storm.

    The arrival of the 144000 is yet future. Too, there is no mention of "remnant" in association with the 144000. Someone is making this stuff up. Yes, a remnant is mentioned in Watch Tower publications, but neither God or Christ spoke of a remnant of 144,000.

    Let me explain to you the real reason why the so-called anointed (which are not that at all) are really of no consequence to the Governing Body at the headquarters. It is because the so-called anointed remnant are persons of various mixes of races, languages and genders. The Governing Body which has traditionally been an all White mans club intends to keep it that way. True, there is one person of African descent (Sam Herd), but that is a relatively recent occurence. It is still predominately a White mans club. Technically - and based on WT teaching - Samuel Herd and some of the other members on the Governing Body do not quality to be of the anointed as their dates of birth places them beyond the cutoff date.

    If 1914 is wrong - and I am convinced it is according to what Christ said - then he has not been given kingdom power yet, no war has occurred in heaven yet, the beast and its image has not arrived yet, there are no 144000, no remnant. In other words, nothing in the Book of Revelation has had a start of being fufilled yet.

    The world has been led down the wrong path and are listening to organizations of men and not to the one The Most High God commanded them to listen to. (Luke 9:35)

  • Ding

    Given that the rest of the "anointed" never had any input on WT doctrine and policy, why announce a change?

    Why not continue the fiction?

    More surprising to me is that the GB agrees that women are among "anointed" class.

    Jehovah has supposedly chosen them to rule with Christ in heaven one day, yet today they can't hold any leadership position on earth.

    "Anointed" JW women aren't even allowed to pass the microphone.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Ding, if you think that anointed sisters care about such petty things, you're mistaken. They're thinking and dreaming about heavenly things, not earthly things. The Earth cannot contain their dreams.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    BSB: Most JWs still don't understand the changes

    The truth is, JWs don't have to know anything about their beliefs or be able to explain them.

    "Listen, obey, and be blessed" is all that matters.


    Furthermore, the anointed have never really been important to WT nor have they had any real influence. WT has openly admitted this:



    partakers. This is the number of baptized individuals who partake of the emblems at the Memorial worldwide. Does this total represent the number of anointed ones on earth? Not necessarily. A number of factors—including past religious beliefs or even mental or emotional imbalance—might cause some to assume mistakenly that they have the heavenly calling. We thus have no way of knowing the exact number of anointed ones on earth; nor do we need to know. The Governing Body does not keep a list of all partakers, for it does not maintain a global network of anointed ones." -W 8/15/11, p22, QFR

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