ISIS Kills American Soldier, Will Watchtower Speak Out Finally?

by BucketShopBill 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Moses Joe
    Moses Joe

    They will not say anything that could be construed as breaking nuetrality. It doesn't matter how terrible things get in this world, they will never break their nuetrality. The most you might see is a picture on the front of a watchtower with actors depicting the parties of the guy about to be beheaded and the guy doing it with a super imposed title like, "WILL IT EVER END" that includes a nameless restatement of events that you know are the beheaded journalists but they never actually say that's what their talking about.

    They are all about plausible deniability. "We never said to cover up the molesters, that was the instructor telling them to write a note in the book not us." "We never SAID the end would come in 1975, if you believed that it's on you." "We never SAID we were writing about ISIS, what's an ISIS?"

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