Rebranding of the Watchtower to - how long in the works?

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  • truthseeker

    The transformation from Watchtower to is nothing short of remarkable.

    Animated cartoons (Caleb and Sophia), the new Slogan, International Convention websites (featuring previously unthinkable entertainment in the Kingdom Hall) - how long do you think this has been in the works for?

    I feel very uneasy about what is happening - it's so sudden, seems like it all happened within the space of a year.

    I sense some intelligence about all this, as if it has been some carefully orchestated performance - to dazzle and distract.

    The Kingdom Ministry of 1999 was totally against the Internet and now they seem to embrace it along with tablets and smartphones.

    Why the sudden change? Do you think it is anything to do with social media?

    Is it to attract new recuirts? Keep existing ones? If so, then they are not really interested in "truth" but more about retaining their existing membership above all else.

    Is it a case of "if you can't beat them, then join them"?

  • sir82

    My guess is it is a combination of the following:

    -- Succumbing to the inevitable - the internet is not going away, the only way to have any sort of influence in the modern world is to have at least some sort of web presence

    -- The death of Jaracz & Barr, who were markedly older than the rest of the GB and likely more resistent to an increased web presence

    -- The hiring of an outside consulting firm to give them a more modern & appealing "look"; such a consulting firm would almost assuredly recommend a strong web presence

  • Phizzy

    I agree with all of your points sir82, but would add, they have a dire need to sucker more people in, especially in the lands that have the Internet.

    This is where their main donations used to come from, they can hardly expect anything but expense from the rest of the (non-Internet) World, and yet the part of the World served by the Internet is where new converts are very few and far between, and those leaving, or no longer donating, are many.

    So, the re-branding is not simply to look up to date, but has a serious marketing intention, showing that the lack of donations since 2008 particularly, has actually hit them, despite the sell off of property.

    Their financial advisors have warned them that mere sell-offs of property will not forever fill the gaps in Cash-Flow.

    It is always about the money . $$$ are what their motivation is in every move they make.

  • stuckinarut2

    I actually think that the "steam-roller" effect has actually become bigger than they first expected!

    While the website, and international conventions, live broadcast of the annual meeting etc was planned, I dont reckon that the GB even expected the hype amongst witnesses to make the p henomena so big!

    Never did they plan for JW.ORG "merch" to be so widely created and distributed!

    Its taken on a life all of its own........

  • Listener

    What has the revamping actually achieved? It hasn't made any significant increase to their membership. I has caused an idolization of the JW org symbol and it has also saved the WTBTS heaps of money

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I suppose the real question is, will they be able to keep the beast on a leash? The Kingdom Hall meetings have long needed some serrious pick up to keep the witnesses attention. If they were smart, they would start doing special schools for the young ones during the meetings and "deeper" studies for the witnesses who have been in for a long time and have heard it all before.

    Unfortunetly, from what I've read of their liturature of late - it seems like they have dumbed it down even more than before I left (which I hadn't even thought possible). But who knows, with all these changes maybe the tail will start wagging the dog.

  • Finkelstein

    Bother Johnson says he's going to ride this gravy train for awhile.


    Jehovah has truly provided. !


  • A.proclaimer

    My guess is after the final old GB members past away since they're from an older generation that grew up without internet. With statistics showing growth percentage greatly declining during the 90's, must have happened in the 2000's, early to mid. Around that time I'm sure they had planned to move out of Brooklyn. As for the website could have been much later. Everyone uses the internet and it's inevitable not to. With all these "apostate" websites going around, there isn't much defense for the Watchtower so they need to counteract that issue with what they can. offers something fresh, modern, and more sleek. Plus it's more convenient for members to gain easy access to information, and that would include other people.

  • Haupi33

    This might be just the beginning of the changes. Check out one of Jehovah's anointed GB members, Geoffrey Jackson, bustin' a move out on the dance floor with a woman who's NOT even his wife...I'm serious. Omg, youtube has just removed the curtain hiding the wiz:

  • DesirousOfChange

    The GB 2.0 want to be seen as normal, humble, down-to-earth members of the flock.


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