JW.org is a DIFFERENT religion from the WT and Kingdomhall

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  • EndofMysteries

    Has anybody else noticed the huge 180 degree under the public JW.org vs the material in the study articles?

    Other than jw.org showing that shunning of family and those who left the religion does NOT happen, yet in the kingdomhall and WT is DOES happen.

    Look at jwborgs stance on quitting school and getting higher education.... http://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/family/teenagers/ask/quit-school/ Can anybody show ONE WT that says what is in the borg website?

    " Similarly, if you quit school, you will likely find it more difficult to get a job. And if you do get one, it will probably be lower paying than one you might have obtained if you had completed your schooling." " A primary function of education is to prepare you to find a job that will help you support yourself and provide for any family you may eventually have. "

    I guess they are using the jwborg website to do a big BAIT AND SWITCH. On the website, "Don't worry, we don't practice shunning that is all lies. And no matter what, family is always family no matter what! Don't worry, we don't discourage higher education, that's a big lie, we actually ENCOURAGE a good college education, etc".

    Then once in the KH, "Don't even THINK of emailing your poor sick mother because she left the truth and must be treated as if dead!... You are thinking of getting a college education? Meet us in the back room after the meeting, we need to discuss your faith in the faithful slave and how close we are to the end. You shouldn't be wasting time getting schooling when the end is so close!"

  • Londo111

    It's BAU cult tactics. Outsider information vs insider information.

  • AlphaMan

    Bait & switch for sure or theocratic warfare to be more precise. It's a cult.

  • hoser

    Use the info on jw.org to your advantage. Use it to justify the things that you have to do to live your life. If someone questions your going to school say" Brother you must not be keeping up with Jehovahs chariot because this is what it says on jw.org"

  • EndofMysteries

    One thing that puzzles me is that previous lawsuits had been tossed out (shunning, practices, etc) because the courts said that the religion has a right to set it's own doctrine and laws/bylaws and if it follows it's own rules nothing can be done about it.

    Why have those lawsuits not been challenged showing the WT is breaking it's own laws/bylaws but showing the 'public' version of it's rules?

    The person can say they joined based upon the presented information, or a born in can say they read the articles about checking everything and not being shunned/family is family no matter what, etc, then the courts would see they have printed double versions of everything with opposite outcomes so they can pick and choose how they please.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yep, like most cults, there's a public face that looks nice and reasonable, but once you're in too deep the story quickly changes.

  • EndofMysteries

    hoser - good point and I have done that. The only reason I'm not dfed is because I presented all sorts of articles and information, (intended for bible studies and not for watchtower studies) and the elders had only 2 choices at that point. A. Admit and claim that the WT and GB are lying and being deceptive. B. That those 'other' articles are true and I am not doing anything wrong (then they don't have to admit the WT is lying, but can't take action on me).

  • Blackbird Fly
    Blackbird Fly

    can you say CULT?

  • hoser

    The best one on jw.org is "do you shun former believers?" NO

  • Vidiot

    EndofMysteries - "I guess they are using the jwborg website to do a big BAIT AND SWITCH."

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

    ...if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs doesn't deserve to be defended.

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