So don't kill. isn't the watchtower like a preachers serom?

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  • LennaB

    Wouldn't the WatchTower be just like a preachers sermon already written down for everyone world wide to read at the same time? I'm not advocating the Watchtower/Awake (at this time) just trying to get a clear view on things as I make my departure from "The Truth" and would like to get some educated/experienced takes on this.

  • OneEyedJoe

    It's more akin to a written form of the heaven's gate recruitment videos, if you ask me.

  • Apognophos

    I'm not entirely sure I get your point, but I'll take a stab at answering anyway. There's nothing inherently wrong with distributing one's message in magazines and having the same articles studied around the world, although the Society does tend to be a bit U.S.-centric with much of their material. Some of the articles are reasonably harmless and some offer good advice (though of a fairly obvious nature that you could find lots of other places too).

    If you've seen some blanket criticism of the magazines here, then someone is probably being overly dramatic. There's a lot of blanket statements made here out of emotion. It's better to criticize only what deserves criticism. Any other approach leaves one looking like a "bitter apostate whose mind has been taken over by Satan" and doesn't help believing Witnesses learn TTATT.

  • Terry

    Think of life and Truth as a series of PROPOSITIONS.

    1. IF there is only one TRUE religion, the last 100 years of failed prophecies and changed teachings RULES OUT Jehovah's Witnesses.

    2. IF the BIBLE is the source of miraculous TRUTH provided by God, shouldn't we be worried it wasn't preserved uncorrupted?

    3. IF God wants to have a relationship with humans interested in a relationship with Him--wouldn't it make sense all you'd have to do

    is pray and ask?

    4. Why resort to the writings of MEN. Why resort to the historically corrupt writings of copied scriptures? Why attend religious meetings for

    pure information when you can get it directly from God?


    What if NONE of the above works for you to make contact with "god"?

    The bottom line?

    Why jump through the wrong hoops?

    If you find there is no "there" there, why not move on with your life and do the best you can with what you've got?

    Anybody standing between you and the thing you want (god, happiness, truth, etc.) always USES YOU to get what THEY want.

    Get off that treadmill. Don't play that game.


    This is called: FREEDOM!

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