2015 Convention Releases

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  • oppostate

    The first video up above where the little girl wants to get an icecream cone but feels bad because her conscience compels her into thinking she needs instead to give her money to the Organization is just typical WT brainwashing.

    Isn't this just like stealing candy from a babe?

    How low can the WT go? Bunch of greedy money grabbers!

  • factfinder
    So kids cannot use their money to buy ice cream or candy or anything for themselves, it ALL must be given to the gb.
  • factfinder
    I have a feeling that jw broadcasting will feature a segment on giving donations each month from now on.
  • konceptual99

    If you click no then the page redirects to the main publications page. So the only way you can get to the releases if you have not attended is by lying. How happified Jehovah must be that the GB are using such a basic tool to enforce loyalty.

    Any dub who does lie then can't discuss it with anyone else 'cos they will know they lied. Once again guilt and group psychology are used to control.

  • konceptual99

    The Sophia video is sickening. For a org that claims never to solicit to have something, which 100% will be shown at the assembly to thousands, that directly manipulates young minds so much is outrageous.

    True, there have always been examples of young children getting involved in activities like preaching and donating but the exposure to this has always been far more controllable by the parents. The Bible Story book never had anything remotely as blatant in it. These videos are the new JW babysitters and the kids watch them over and over again.

    [EDIT] - The fact it's an slightly older young one (i.e. not a child of 5 or 6) is meaningless - the audience starts at infant level.

    It's wrong. Plain and simple.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    The Sophia video is a new all time low for the society. Hope this stealing from Children helps wake a few up.

  • Splash

    I'm interested in the Caleb video, smashing a vase while playing with his plane.

    The lesson he gets from his father is that you mustn't lie because Jehovah doesn't want you to lie.
    The lesson should be that you don't lie because it's a moral issue - deceiving people is wrong.

    This will train kids to be told what is right and wrong, instead of train them to work out for themselves what is right and wrong.

    Reminds me of that illustration where a mother asks her little one where is Jehovah and he points upwards.
    One day they get visitors so she shows off her party trick and, in the kitchen, asks her little one where Jehovah is.
    He runs into the living room and points at the ceiling fan.

    Children should be trained to become independent, responsible adults, not dependents.

  • username

    Affectively stealing from children is morally unacceptable, is there any way this video can be leaked to the appropriate authority? Soliciting funds from children is evil it reminds if the idiom "stealing candy from a baby" wrong wrong wrong.

    The Caleb video where he brakes vase. The reality in this would be...let's go and tell your mum and when she has give you the beating of your life I will also give you a beating so there is no doubt in Caleb's mind that although it was only a vase he needs to be taught a lesson!!!

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    When I saw the video Sophia video, I started swearing.

  • username

    Just watched what is real love...well the org make it so easy for us to bash em. It was like watching an episode of Home and Away, the most excruciating, painfull thing I've had to endure.

    On a scale of one to ten, I give it 10...needles that I'd rather have shoved in my eyeballs!!!

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