One scripture that proves the WT is false

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  • ItsJustlittleoldme

    Hi Termite,

    commenting on your Truly I tell you today quote..

    If you look in the bible, Jesus says that very phrase something like 40 times in the bible.. (I forget the actual #, but it is quite alot..)..

    In all instances, in ALL translations of the bible, the phrase Jesus says is,

    Truly, I say to you, ..................................... With the comma after you...

    In all translations and in all instances, EXCEPT that one scripture in the NWT...

    My question to the WT is why did they not change all the other scriptures? Why just this one? And since Jesus spoke like this quite often, why did he speak differently in this one instance???

    VERY GOOD POINT Termite!!!!

  • deddaisy

    "The Apostle Paul wrote...'We are walking by faith, not by sight.'"

    oh my God...Apostle Paul was blind.......

    yes, of course I'm kidding!!!! This is a wonderful scripture to show my JW brother, but tell me, where does it say, "God's VISUAL organization on earth?" Is this in the WTS literature?

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hi there littleoldyou!

    Thanks for that; I did'nt realise it was in there so much;this was one of the first things I was 'persuaded' to believe that set the scene for my acceptance of the paradise theory;it actually felt quite odd,reading what you wrote,I remember that moment really clearly-it made me feel i'd found something really important.

    What a prat I was...

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