I'm Baaaaaack!

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  • gilwarrior

    Well, I have been gone for over a month now.

    I am surprised that people have been asking about me. I just want to assure everybody that I am fine. I went back to me doctor. She changed me dosage on my medication and I haven't felt depressed since.

    Me and my roommate went to Las Vegas last month. (Sorry rekless that I didn't get in touch with you. Unfortunately, I lost your phone number.) I mostly lost money, but the last day I was there I made $110. The vacation was great.

    I also have an announcement to make. I have decided that at the end of August (went to lease on my apartment expires) I am going to move to Las Vegas! Yes, I am going to seek my fortune in Sin City. I would like to drive a cab and make my living playing blackjack and poker.

    Anyway, I am back and feeling better than ever.

    "I have so much love to give, but no one to give it to."

    William H. Macy - "Magnolia"

  • Scully

    Glad to hear you're doing ok Gil.

    I've missed seeing you around.

    Love, Scully

  • TheStar


    I'm glad to hear from you! I was worried about you. I lost your cell #... and it's a long story that has to do with my hubby but I no longer use the Messenger account I had you on. Email me sometime.

    I hope the two friends I talked to you about emailed you, they told me they were.

  • Mimilly

    Hi Gil, we haven't met as yet, but after reading your posts and listening to others worry, I too was worried as I deal with depression as well. I'm very glad that you're feeling better. And a big 'welcome back' to you :)


  • AjaxMan


    Welcome Back!

    It looks you had a great time in Vegas.

    Good Luck moving to and living in Las Vegas.



  • rekless

    gil, that's ok, I had a heart attack on the 18 th of may was in the hospital until the 24th, lost me job and everything.

    Take my advice!!! About cab driving...It took me three months to pass the TA test. You have to know the city like the back of your hand.
    So before you get here get a map of the city and learn where all the air ports, golf courses,shopping centers, every casino and their cross streets are. There is 8 test and They are all different with needing to know all the above infomation.

    wish you the best when you get here.
    Advance heart & vascular Specialists
    Ram K. Singh, MD., F.A.C.C.
    4432 S. Eastern Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV. 89119
    " This man saved my life, after my heart attack."

    Hell is truth seen too late. H.G.Adams

  • Simon

    so, we're all worried and you're out living it up eh?!

    go up to your room young man ... no suppoer for ...

    er ... wait a minute - you're not my son, and he's only 5 so wouldn't go to Vagas on his own anyway!

    Glad you had a good time - good luck with the move!

  • Gopher


    Glad to hear your update! Best wishes/good luck/break a leg during your move to Lost Wages town.

    I hope you can pop in every so often to the board, so we won't have to track you down like happened yesterday!! But it's all right!!


    Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.--Will Rogers, 1879-1935

  • ZazuWitts


    Good to have you back, and in such fine spirits too.

  • Angharad

    Hi Gilwarrior

    Glad your back, good luck on the move!!!

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