Jesus- Ignored, Forgotten& Unemployed at WTS

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  • bluesapphire

    This thread reminds me of this older sister from my last hall. She was the 80 or so year old mother of one of the head honchos -- you know the type -- the ones everyone says Oh Broher Bell is so intelligent, so spiritual, etc. etc.

    Well she used to sit at the front of the hall. The front row whenever her son was giving the talk. She would sit there and stare at this picture of Jesus. Yeah, just like my old Catholic grandmother used to do.

    Except it was the picture of Jesus that she had cut out from the Greatest Man book. My husband and I watched her meeting after meeting staring at her picture of Jesus.

    We used to laugh about it. It was so weird to us as JWs that someone would love Jesus that much.

    Now I see that it was because WE DID NOT love Jesus. That's why it was bizarre.

    One last note about this sister. During one of our last meetings one night at the theocratic school she raised her hand and when she was called on by no other than her son she said, "Today is my 80th birthday. Happy birthday to ....." They grabbed that mike so fast.

    It was so funny.

  • terafera


    Wish I was there to see that!

    If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

  • Satanus

    Yes, acts says the christians got together every week, on the first day i believe. And whenever they did, they ate the bread and wine to remember jesus, sang songs, shared prophecies; generally wierd spiritual stuff. The wt and their jehovah wouldn't stand for any of this. That's one reason the aren't christians.


  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    Great Post Met!!
    I have always enjoyed your intellegent posts. You are one of's best.
    When I was a J-dumb I would get irritated with "the Jesus this and Jesus that" of the Babylonian wretches. I used to say the churches made too much of a deal about Christ. Being a JW you worship the organization first and "Jehovah just sits around and gets pissed off allot. And Christ? he may as well go on a vacation and put his automatic prayer relay machine on". My former thinking.

  • Bang

    It's so good to see people getting well.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    OMG Met, the post to end all.
    This is what REALLY pisses off Christians about JWs.
    Even non-christians get pissed when they realize what the WT has done to christianity.
    Now if a doubting JW reads your awesome thoughts, then remembers that in a not so noticable way, the Aid book calls Jesus - Abaddon - [the world's word for Satan]
    then thinks about all the failed prohesies, the goofy rules, the isolation, the 10yr. UN affair, the shunning of people you like to hang with, the constant quest for a larger paper route, loyalty to the org or face death, spiritual death. THEN some bells might start to go off.

    THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME SO MAD. How dare they call themselves Christian. They use it to deceive and they don't even know it. AAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrggggggh.
    TR is right they should be 'Hovians"
    Great posts ya'll.

  • AuntieJane

    Can you just picture Jesus showing up at a Memorial?!

    "What the hell is going on here??!! You people really
    think this is what I meant at that Supper?" he
    grabs the emblems and passes them out :

    "I said, Take All and Eat!"

    Thanks Met; wonderful post.

  • SloBoy

    Thanx Met,
    Makes me think of Matt. 23:13 about the "Hypocrites" who "shut up the Kingdom of the Heavens," and do not permit others to go in. I mean, come on, really, why would anyone want to get in touch with real sin??

  • Dawn

    SloBoy - I don't believe I've ever read that scripture!! How cool - thanks for sharing!

  • wokeup

    I agree Metatron, the NT permeates with references to Jesus and stresses the need to put faith in HIM. Since I stepped down a couple years ago I have made it a point to listen to any and all references to Jesus. I haven't heard any mention of putting faith in Jesus at the hall in 3 years.(1 mention of putting faith in his blood in a school talk) At some meetings there is no mention of Jesus at all except in the prayer(injesusnameamen).
    Since I stepped down and 2 other elders 2 years ago,the remaining elders have made it a point at each meeting to stress the F&DS. In their prayers they specifically ask Jehovah to bless THEM(FDS),and continue to have them guide "us". This had never before been stressed . This re-emphasizes their percieved role as "mediator" of the "great?crowd". You know Jesus must be shaking his head in disgust.

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