Email CNN About Fredrick Mclean's Upcoming Appearance on "The Hunt" with John Walsh!

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  • BucketShopBill

    I am getting a nasty feeling John Walsh is not going to mention the Kingdom Hall and the Watchtower's Scandalous conduct of covering up their hard working productive Elder Pedophiles! The Watchtower put more effort in protecting their Pedophiles than helping victims of the crimes. I know Elders are instructed to call HQ first because the Watchtower needs to figure out how to avoid any responsibility and instruct the Elders to avoid as much contact with Victims while guiding the Pedophile through his trials and dangers! In Countries not required to report, they keep the Pedophile nice and snug if the Pedophile is a strong financial supporter of the Cause!

    The Sheep are kept as stupid as possible, I saw a car-group with a well known Pedophile with his JW drinking buddies! How many honest JW Victims were told, "Jehovah Forgave the Pedophile, So should you!". Another grievance I have is the Watchtower assumes they can treat Pedophiles by flipping through the Shep-Book, properly gauging if a Pedophile is no longer a threat and should be Welcomed among his victims like Fredrick Mclean was! "We Love Pedophiles, We Offer a Pedophile Paradise", that's what the Watchtower's conduct shows because your not allowed to speak out against these freaks! What if a Pedophile who claims to only have molested "one or three children, what than?" if they cry enogh, some pedophiles are quickly told "No, No!" and put right back in the Congregation. The Spiritual Hammer is only reserved for people who ask questions about Watchtower Teachings and Doctrines, not child sexual predators! Pedophiles need the love you can only find in the Kingdom Halls with plenty of young children, JWs are conditioned to never "go to the Police because the Elders are trained better at handling these crimes"

    JW Leadership is hoping people keep their ugly secret private because it deflects from The Message of Doom and the Door To Door Work their known for. Victims are told to "Shut your mouth, Wait on Jehovah", "Forgive and Forget because Jehovah Forgave the Pedophiles". I am done venting, you might wish to email John Walsh or CNN and explain the Watchtower is worse than the Catholic Church because the Watchtower refused to help any of their victims and often hinted they could get Disfellowshiped if they went to the Media, Ask Barbara!

    "Speaking in the voice of America's Most Wanted's John Walsh): We've seen a lot of scumbags in our day, but this guy takes the cake. Frederick McLean is an alleged sexual predator of the lowest kind.

    Authorities allege McLean met many of the child victims through his work as a local Jehovah's Witnesses leader in San Diego. At one point Riverside County authorities were also called to take care of this alleged monster. The 58-year-old is facing multiple counts of sexual assault on a child, with one victim claiming that McLean assaulted her more than 100 times starting when she was 5-years-old.

    Federal authorities want McLean so bad they've put him the U.S. Marshals' national, 15 Most Wanted list. This poor excuse for a human being needs to be caught, because law enforcement sources believe this kind of suspect could strike again. "McLean possesses many of the factors correlated with reoffense," stated Michael Bourke, chief psychologist for the U.S. Marshals Sex Offender Investigations Branch. " ... Stress, including the stress that comes with being a fugitive, increases the risk for abusive acting out."


    SoCal's Most Wanted: Alleged Molester Frederick McLean Still On The Run
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  • Violia

    I noticed on the info given about McLean that not much is said about jws. It is mentioned that he is involved with Jws ( but does not say he was in a leadership position) and does not use the word Kingdom Hall, instead church). I posted this on the other thread. I saw this right away. Not sure why he is wording it this way but I know his job is to catch McLean and not attack the religion. I do think Walsh should have left the "leadership, and Kingdom hall" words in his bio but as far as the rest, well, his job is not to hunt down the WTS. It is to hunt down McLean.

  • AndersonsInfo

    It was just a few minutes ago, to be exact at 7:58 P.M., Central Standrard Time, when Joe and I saw on CNN a commercial with American's Most Wanted personality, John Walsh talking. Frederick McLean's face filled the screen when John Walsh mentioned his name. Then a woman's voice began speaking about how McLean molested her. The commercial went by so quickly we almost missed it. We did, however, see the day and time for the program: This coming Sunday, 9 PM EST/8CT.


  • Dagney

    Just saw the commercial for the show. Can't wait to see this.

  • Scully

    We saw the commercial last night too - I said to Mr Scully "That guy is a JW" - we checked the program description and sure enough it mentions "Jehovah's Witness" in regards to Frederick McLean. PVR set to record.

  • Balaamsass2

    I hope everyone sets their DVRs to record!

  • Violia

    you can follow on twitter also. john walsh the hunt.

  • BucketShopBill

    Hi, everyone! Tonight's CNN is airing Brother Mclean and his story, interviewing our brothers and sisters who were molested by Brother Mclean! Please email the show!

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