The secretive complicity of many

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  • prologos

    from among the many thousands of j w meetings this week:

    what would have been the purpose to eliminate the 'anouncement' portion at the beginning of the service meeting some time ago?


    as reported from last night*:

    Introduction of service meeting by the selected elder .:

    2 items mentioned after the song. Then:

    " --oh, did I forget something? oh yeah,(looking at paper) here is a resolution, we are going to send $ to the wt society for----- all in favor? --against ? thank you, and--next "forgotten" important item"

    The whole procedure was over in a minute.

    How can this transfer of wealth from the many "well of" to the few, under oath of poverty not be done with secret complicity by many? and why? and why at this crucial juncture where red flags could be seen by the givers?

    *details are obscured to protect the innocent.

  • Apognophos

    I don't really know what the motive was, but I could never understand the removal of the announcements part. The first brother with an SM part now has to spend some of his time addressing the things that need to be announced, so it only saves a few minutes at most. Shortening the meetings has obvious financial benefits for the Society if it allows them to fit more cong.s into a Hall, but this... this just seems like a meaningless change. I'm not sure if it obscures the money resolutions since the resolutions still have to be read to the congregation.

  • prologos

    Apo gno phos, but during this meeting it came all together. by eliminating the distinct meeting part, it downgraded the importance of the information, enabling to put across and obscure what should be top priority transparency.

    In this reported case, by further hiding the importance of the transfer of a 5 figure amount out of the congregation by THEATRICS, the extend of the possible secrecy machinations seemed exposed.

  • Apognophos

    Mm, well it's an interesting thought. I certainly can't think of any other reasons for the change.

  • whathappened

    The elders are between a rock and a hard place...let's see who of them are smart enought to escape this trap.

  • sparrowdown

    Even after the letter was read about no more announcements our COBE still made announcements about funerals and people in hospital.

    Actually the announcements about people in hospital were to tell people to

    "stop visiting at all hours of the day and night the hospital and the sick person have requested no more visitors"

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