A question about the change from qualities to works

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  • Giordano

    Good question. I may have part of the answer. Rutherford was smart enough to know he drank to excess and used questionable language.

    Rutherford was also an egotist, head strong and even reckless with the lives of his followers and he had questionable ethics. Christian qualities was not something he was going to develop from within. So in Donuthole's article he derided Christian Character.

    "A coluporter in the days of Bro. Russell, Bible Student Elder, G. Russell
    Pollock told of how JFR ridiculed character development from the platform,
    pronouncing it ‘char-AK’-teer’ and saying, “You don’t have a character, you are
    a character.” The stress Bible Students were putting on character development,
    JFR evidently felt a need to counter it. Others have spoken similarly of their

    But as the President of the WTBTS he could take credit for Christian works.

    I think that part of the WT culture still goes on today. Christian character is often in short supply.

  • whathappened

    JWs like to act like they hold the patent for fine Christian works...like they have all put on the "new personality"...the CULT PERSONALITY you mean???

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