I wonder how many feel like this

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    What an inspiring young woman! Strangely enough, in the '50's and '60's (and maybe later, too), the WTS encouragedf musical pursuits because they had live music at the assemblies and, I believe, at the Kingdom Hall as well. Kelsey did what she had to do to become who she really was, and she is wonderful!

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    Interesting, I can relate to how this girl felt... I loved to dance, to participate in gymnastics, and had to hide behind excuses, hoping not to be discovered, if "mom didn't realize my deep desire" if "I just acted like it didn't mean so much" then maybe I could do it...

    I understand her fear, love that she had so much strength to leave, and then, survive on her own!

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    I loved this... what a beautiful girl, so happy for her. Free and joyful, music will do that to you. Very few things can liberate you like being a musician.

    Her singing..


  • Dagney

    Yep. It's evil to not allow people to become who they were meant to be.

    Lovely girl...so glad her love for music was greater than her fear of her parents.

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    I wonder if it's actually a love of music. It goes a bit deeper than that. It may just be a love of true freedom. And music was the thing that gave her that freedom.

    My friends used to think and say I was obsessed about my motorbike.. and also my guitar... and then my camera. They were wrong. I actually did not care about any of these things.. what I cared about was the sense of freedom to be and express myself each one gave me.

    .. but I can never love any of these things more than I loved my mother. I have lost many cameras, a few bikes, and a whole bunch of guitars. No problem, all replacable.

    But when I lost my mother, I nearly died. For me there is no comparison. (but then my mother was never a witness, maybe that fact is not insignificant)

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