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  • Gorbatchov

    Particular one thing was irritating me: a speaker did say "please click genesis x vers x on your tablet".

    It looked like persons with real bibles are crazy.

    I'm in for a seperation between religion and technolgy.

    The WT and some of it's closes followers are merging it.


  • Justnowout

    Its not an accident Gorby. Encouraging people to use electronic means to view written matterial makes it super simple to change history With a minor "app update". The pesky written/printed word has been biting them in the ass for ..... Well 100 years now :)

  • BobFlanagan007

    What's this "flatliner video"? It sounds awful and manipulative, what session of which day do they show it?

  • Gorbatchov

    BobFlanagan they showed someone dying at emergency hospital the hartbeat went a flatliner. I never heard a convention so silent.Later in the short video the girl was resurrected.

    It was so real.

    Many witness had to cry and some of them left crying the hall.

    From my opinion it was un responsible to make and show this movie.

    It makes use of very cheap emotions.

    But that is the status of many unbalanced witnesses.


  • steve2

    A religion that once prided itself of "reasoning from the Scriptures" now resorts to emotional-resurrection-themed-blackmail. If you can't get 'em to take an interest in being JWs any more, keep 'em hangin' in there with promises of seeing loved dead people resurrected.

  • BU2B

    It is a tool of retention. They need to keep people in, and doing as they are told. They have most JWs convinced that there is no need to think. Just listen, obey and be blessed and you will see your dead loved ones "soon".

  • TheOldHippie

    "The Bethel speaker told us that a new translation is not expected in our language"

    That is a misunderstanding. It will not come NOW, and not in some years, because it will take years to translate. But it WILL come, although years will pass. Those languages into which translation has now just started, will get their translations according to the new, revised one, so they are the lucky ones.

  • insidetheKH

    the convention Gorby is talking about is the regional convention Utrecht I. In total (combined with the small english speaking convention that was also held in a seperate assembly hall) there were about 9700 visitors this weekend.

    The total number of attendants during regional conventions is between 40 and 50 thousand.

    I have spoken with many witnesses during the 3 days before and after the program and during the breaks. The overall impression i got was that the Witnesses enjoyed this convention very much and that all that new media stuff with little movies in talks was welcomed very much.

  • Gorbatchov

    @InsidetheKH your overall impression doesn't surprise me at all. It's the standard answer a witness will give. "It was a great convention. We are close to the end!". My opinion is that of of the small popultation witness (maybe 0,5%) that have done away their programation and look with a clear view what happens arround them. This year my family members didn't say "It was a great convention". That's new for me.

    It's great to know that we were so close together @ Utrecht DC and now both are joining this discussion. "It's a great discussion! We are close to the end!". Whahahah

    As I wrote in my starting post above, this DC wasn't bad at all, they didn't say creazy things, and have become a mainstream TV religion, beside the remarks of "Click on Genesis xx vers xx on your tablet". But that's small amount.


  • RichardHaley

    Attended Sacramento RC which was connected to Detroit. Sat and Sun only. Overall boring... Sun was definatley targeting emotions. Mooris and Lett are both weird... Lett more so. But the real annoying speaker was the "GB helper" Shaffer. When expounding on Isa 9:6 he referred to Jesus mistakenly as "All Mighty God" instead of "Mighty God", which he quickly corrected while having a smirk on his face as if everyone was to dumb to catch it. A real cyborg IMHO.

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