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  • SuperBoy

    I found a website called

    Put up, under durress it appears.
    "This facility has been provided solely for the convenience of those who asked for this service and desire to support our work by these means. It should not be seen as the soliciting of funds in any way."

  • Stirred

    to 'Stuckinarut2' - he didn't say last sentence... My exaggeration. But he did say our making our full share, regular donation, mad us "right" with God even if we were not as active in service. They spent tome letting us know about how much each of us should donate ona per meeting basis to keep the amount sounding low. My notes show $10.89 per publisher (baptized or not) was required per meeting to keep up with hall's financial commitments, includong donating to HQ.

    i checked put the link you SuperBoy. It is rather overt. Perhaps U.S. Version will move to homepage one day too.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    jwgift has been running in the UK for many years now.


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