Checkmate WT!

by ILoveTTATT 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • ILoveTTATT

    As a lot of you know, I am making a catalog of all the articles and quotes that the WT used to make the Creation book. I want to see ALL the quotes for myself, if possible.

    I went to my university today, and I got some more books.

    Checkmate, WT! I can now check every single quote, almost without regard to how obscure or rare the book is!


    I will add more quotes to my project soon!

  • Stirred

    I look forward to hearing your results!

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes indeed!Bring on the full quotes!

  • blondie

    Did you check out the books or were they tossing them?

    Have you tried archives online?

  • jgnat

    Good job!

  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    Will this catalog be availible on internett?

    With scans and a link from would be nice.

  • jgnat

    Here's one source for scholarly journals, that you may access through a student's library account.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Woah! That. Is. Awesome what you're doing. So you can show the dishonest quotation in the creation book? Is that it?

  • Magnum

    That was on my list of things to do. I hope you can/will share your results with us.

  • Rufus T. Firefly
    Rufus T. Firefly

    Here's a time-saving suggestion. Simply Google any article or quote used in Watchtower publications. The Internet is marvelous!

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