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    JW.ORG for the past year or so seems to have exploded onto the scene and going foward, to be the new name and face of the old tired and exposed Jehovahs Wittnesses, bible students, etc... and to the WBATS for good reason!!!

    The .ORG in JW.ORG is just as important as the JW in this age of internet and information. If you were to type JW.ORG or even JW alone into a search engine or directly into your internet browser (most people will type in JW.ORG into the internet browser, and be taken directly to the website) the first site to come up is of course the intended site, JW.ORG, and the websites following the initial JW.ORG site are uneventful, a law firm, media player, etc. So to the unsuspecting 18-35 year old (the WBATS target the young) they will totally by pass websites like this and others that expose TTATT.

    I believe not many will think to take the time to type in the full name: JEHOVAHS WITNESSES (even if they do the first website to pop up will be JW.ORG thanks to the WBATS legal team, so unless the searcher truly searches it will be a little tough to find TTATT) into the search engine and scroll down a couple of pages to find TTATT there will be some, but the majority will not. So for the WBATS and it's legal team this is great for business, because it is not a religion but a publishing company as it started off as, (that has virtually no overhead costs due to mind controlled unpaid/volunteer labor, who, if you can believe it, now funds the publishing company with a monthly pledge) no different from any business who's reputation is destroyed by bad press that plays the name change game and opens up under a different moniker, alias or name, or puts the "under new management" sign out front, what the WBATS seems to be doing with all the changes this past year or so. Look forward to more changes and announcements especially at the upcoming annual meeting.

  • Quendi

    Long run-on sentences and poor punctuation make your post difficult and tiresome to read. Furthermore, I don't see the relation between the title of this thread and your post.


  • cultBgone

    So we should title every post "jw.org - then actual subject" to get JWN higher in the search engines?


    Quendi you dont see the relation because your an idiot, learn how to read instead of just listening like at the kingdom hall! :)


    Cultbgone good idea!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "So to the unsuspecting 18-35 year old (the WBATS target the young) they will totally by pass websites like this and others that expose TTATT."

    It's true that they can go directly to the website using the specific address. However, even the over-35 crowd like myself don't just click straight to a company page and make a big purchase based on the company's pictures and promotion. For cell service, job hunting, even smaller purchases like a printer, I look around online for information besides what the company features--at other reviews, other customer experiences, where the best deals are, etc. I don't expect all the reviews to be 5 star, but I want to hear what others have to say so I can really compare and decide.

    Any religions/churches can come up with slick websites. I think a person would have to have lived their lives under a rock to go straight to jw.org and decide to join the cult based on that website. The mormons have a slick website and a huge network of people and businesses promoting their religion. Yet I doubt that anyone is going to go straight to their website and decide to join. They'd sooner go to wikipedia and other websites to get information.

    It's easy to conclude that the 'social networking' generation are shallow non-thinkers. But, in reality, more people than ever can educate and inform themselves against propaganda. A hundred years ago when WT was selling books, people couldn't sit in their living rooms and search the Internet for more info about the corporation like people today can... and in just minutes find jwfacts or this website.

  • wannabefree

    ORG.COM.CO is available for purchase ... one could then make a subdomain JW.ORG.COM.CO and have it redirect to jwfacts.com


    Billytheex thats very true but there will always be some that don't look up info at first but before they can think about looking into the JW's, a JW or a magazine will warn them not to look at outside info from "apostates" or they will die. If the person falls for it...


    Wanabefree that is a good idea!!!

  • SAHS

    “ADJUSTMENTS”: “So to the unsuspecting 18-35 year old . . . they will totally by pass websites like this and others that expose TTATT.”

    In theory – that is, according to the instructions from WTS – that is what they are supposed to do. But given all the things JWs do that they are not supposed to, at least in private, I think that it’s quite safe to say that those “18-35 year old” young folks will quite very likely discover and investigate those myriads of sites exposing TTATT.

    I would imagine that at some point in time, pretty much all JWs would have done, or will do, some basic online search containing key words like “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” and then immediately get a glimpse of the items which come up pertaining to “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and “depression, mental illness, suicide, mind control, blood transfusion deaths,” etc., etc. It’s only a matter of time for them. And what they do with what they see comes up will be up to them – especially in their undisturbed private moments.

    Like AMW’s John Walsh says, the WTS “can run, but [they] can’t hide.” Yes, I believe that, sure enough, everyone will get to see that other side of the coin, one way or another!

    To “Quendi”:

    Stop being such an old fuddy-duddy. Those newbies should feel free to post their angle too.

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