Not willing to meet with Elders? DF?

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  • RichardHaley

    2 witnesses or a confession is the rule (sometimes not followed). If a JC has been formed they have the 2 witnesses (if playing by the book). If only one witness then 2 bro. will be assigned to investigate, look for other witnesses and/or get a confession from you. This is how things were done the 10 years I was an E... things may have changed since '09 and the new flock book.

  • cultBgone

    Feeling all the L O V E ? ? ? Naaaahhhh. Nothing but power-tripping impotent sad sacks who get upset when they aren't worshipped.

    LURKERS, you all need to take a vacation from the meetings and let the blood flow back into your brains so they are working more normally. This is NOT a religion and there is no way that those of you believing Jesus is God's Son can POSSIBLY believe he would approve of the way people are (mis)treated by this organization to which you've sworn your loyalty. God has NOTHING to do with it, please WAKE UP!

  • problemaddict

    May I ask how long they have been inactive?

    If they don't care, I would just advise them to do the following.

    Don't duck the calls, but don't answer any questions. YOU ask the questions. Why are you guys calling me? Why do you want to meet with me? What is the accusation? Who is making the accusation?

    IF there are 2 people (or if they SAY there are), you HAVE THE RIGHT to know who they are. Do not let them tell you otherwise.

    If they do not, or do not share info, just say you know they "mean well", but you don't need to have a sherperding visit. (this is deliberate)

    They will say it isn't, its a judicial comittee! Well refer to the original questions. I certainly would never appear for a JC anyways, but certainly not one where there was simply rumor and heresay, as well as a desire to already arrive at a certain conclusion.

    If it is one person only, perhaps you can ask them why they did not feel that this was just rumor, and why they did not encourage the person to apply matthew 18.

    Your friend owes them nothing. They are just some dudes.

    Keep us informed, or reach out for more. Take care.

  • Syme

    They won't DF you if they don't have 2 witnesses.

    However, read the following postrscripts:

    1. The 2 witnesses don't have to be witnesses of the same act necessarily, but of the same KIND of act. If, e.g., the act is apostasy, if you spoke like an apostate with 2 different individuals, on different ocassions, a JC can be formed.

    2. If you refuse to meet with elders, especially if you do it with an "I don't want to'' attitute, you may be marked.

  • Phizzy

    I refused to meet with any more than one Elder, so that I could deny anything that I let slip. They were not interested in a one to one, so that never happened.

    I suppose if they were really crafty they could meet one at a time with me and add together the "slips" I made, but now I have been gone so long they do not care methinks.

    Off radar is good, but I always have to be careful, though now I have reached the point where I don't actually give a flying fudge bar what the silly little religion, and its silly, small minded Elders, does.

    It is all so SILLY !

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    Our BOE has DF people without them showing up for the JC meeting. We would get 2 Elders on the phone or visit them in person and state that 2 witnesses have made an accusation against and that if you fail to show up for the Hearing, a descison would be made (Your DF'd).

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