Heaven is For real - Akiane Kramarik / Col,Todd- Visions of Heaven , real or imaginned

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  • smiddy

    Today, I watched a movie called" Heaven is for Real", before we go any further I want to say I have become an atheist having been exposed to christianity from an early age with different denominations up into my teens , and then being converted to a jehovahs witness for 33 years , and then disaccociating myself from that religion some years ago.

    However I am intrigued with what I have witnessed today , not only the movie , but where it has led me. which is ?

    Fair enough , movies take liberties in what they present even with so called true stories , I can live with that.

    I think their has been a lot said about Col and his pastor father being an influence on his sons visions.I can live with that too.

    In the movie col todd related to the painting Akiane kramarik made about Jesus ? They never knew anything about one another. Weird ?

    To digress here , I might say why is jesus so pre-occupied with non -essentials , and not the realities that confront the real world.

    Getting back to Akiane Kramarik who has a bit part in this movie , I would reccomend you google her and get back to me with your comments.

    I would love to here from all of you who take the time to respond.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Why is it that santa claus (insert other fictional / mythical figure here) hasnt done more of real benefit instead of self promotion?

    Because he is the figment of peoples imagination and cant do REAL stuff. The "fluff" is the product of peoples minds, no external factors required, hence nothing of real value gets done.

  • Fernando

    Although the details differ greatly I too have had personal experiences which lead me to believe those described are genuine.

    And I did enjoy the movie which to me felt like a balanced and authentic true-to-life portrayal.

    Akiane, well, exists in each of us, just waiting to be liberated.

    I know how much I have been changed by my unmerited experiences.

    All I did was choose to take a fresh and openminded look, once I had little or nothing more to lose, aka "a blank slate".

  • jgnat

    From the wiki page:

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  • Daniel1555

    I read a lot of near death experiences and a lot of books about it.

    Due to these accounts I came to believe that there is some kind of afterlife. Those experiences show that the most important things in life are unconditional love and compassion.

    Why do I believe that we pass somehow in another world?

    All kind of people have these experiences, no matter if children, adult, from all different cultural background and religion. Most experiences have similar characteristics, coming to a light, feeling or communicating with a higher power that is full of love, a review of all actions in life and how these made others feel, higher awareness and knowledge, seeing or feeling deceased loved ones.

    Several factors convince me. 1. that people see themselves out of their body and they can relate in detail things they can not know (like conversations that happened in other rooms etc.).

    2. Near death experiences of children. Children would never make them up. 3. Blind or death people from birth on were able to see or hear during the NDE and give details about it. 4. All those experiences say it was a highly conscious experience not like a dream but real. Dreams normally end anytime (even apruptly). NDE s have usually a clear ending (with the sending back or decision to go back). 5. A NDE can influence a person for all his life.

  • John_Mann

    I want to believe.

  • jgnat

    Picasso was a child prodigy as well. He completed "The Altar Boy" when he was thirteen.


  • designs

    So 18,000-20,000 children under 5 starve to death every single day. Does that mean they get 3 meals a day in heaven...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Who cares how many starve to death each day when fundies get to find their keys on demand.

    Jesus aint biased dont ya know.

  • smiddy

    Why is it that santa claus (insert other fictional / mythical figure here) hasnt done more of real benefit instead of self promotion?

    thats fair enough WMF , regarding jesus , however, Col Todd and A.Kramarik are real persons who suppoedly went through similar experiences .

    Do I personally beleive either of them went to heaven ? No I dont , what I am interested in is the phenonema surrounding this subject.

    designs , I am with you 100% on this issue ,

    So 18,000-20,000 children under 5 starve to death every single day. Does that mean they get 3 meals a day in heaven...

    What I have probably failed to take into account is the liberties/licence people take in producing these accounts.


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