Hamas,Fatah and Israel..Why are they fighting??

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  • jam

    A report from 2009 the problems that existed.

    Hamas and Fath in a power struggle, not over who is going to

    bring democracy and prosperity to Palestine. Nor is it over

    who is going to build schools, universities and hospitals. They

    are not fighting over what is good for the Palestinians. They

    are fighting over money and power.

    The power struggle is one of the main reasons why the

    Palestinians are still far from reaching their goals, first

    and foremost the establishment of an independent state.

    Is this still the case today????

    The two sides (Hamas/Fatah) despise one another so

    tremendously that some Palestinians have been arguing

    that Hamas and Fatah hate each other more than they

    hate Israel. Had it not been for Israel's physical presence

    thase two entities would be dispatching rockets and

    suicde bombers against each other.

    Ironically, it is Israel that is preventing Muslims from killing


    Remember the report was in 2009. Do we see the same problems


  • skeeter1

    Ok, Here's my joke.

    Q. What is the difference between a jew and an arab?

    A. A sheet.

    Seriously now . . . If your enemies are fighting each other, never intervene.

  • jam

    skeeter: That is what I don't understand, they

    are fighting each other in their own land.WTH

  • skeeter1

    It's hot over there right now. And, when it's hot, tempers get shorter.

    Look at Ireland and England. Not the same country, but they are pracitally the same. Needless, terrible bombing in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Best thing about September 11th, is that Ireland and England calmed down. What's that Beth Midler song, "God is watching us . . . from a distance. . . we all look the same." I'm not sure of all the politics, but it seems that they (Irish Rebel Forces) realized it was silly to bomb.

    It seems that the people we are closest to is who we pick fights with. You should live in my neighborhood! Neighbors fighting with neighbors over stupid sh*t.

  • jam

    I hear you....

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    jam - nice peice of blame the victim - this is what the Israelis want the West to think - they have divided and conquered the Palestinians for years - they funded Hamas as an alternative to Fatah in the 70s and 80s. You may want to do some research about the history of Zionism and how Israel came to control a land which was over 90 percent Palestinain 100 yers ago. You might want to wonder why the Palestinian deaths and causaulties are a massive multiple of Israeli deaths and casualties. What is the political imperative in Israel that requires such as massive retaliation. You might want to think about the living conditions and frustrated aspirations of the Palestianian youth living in Gaza. You might want to find out why Israel opposes a coalition government between Hamas and Fatah.

  • hamsterbait

    The history shows they have been slaughtering each other and their children for THOUSANDS of years.

    Every time they make up some "reason". The jews tell us that jehoobie told them to do it, muslims say Allah told them, or the muslims start killing each other over who was supposed to run things when Mohammed died - then its vengeance, rage hate. Now its money and power.

    When whoever becomes the "victor" with the money and power, somebody else will find another reason to start the killing all over again. We are separated from the islamic world by about 11 centuries. Let them crap in their own bath water.


  • Pacopoolio

    The result of Abrahamic religions, which were all just an excuse to try to own land in the first place.

  • jam

    Thanks for the comments, but it is still puzzling why

    they can't come to a agreement..

    And Frazzled UBM, I have been reading what you suggested.

    The majority of the land given to late comer, Israel...

  • free2beme

    Because 5000 years ago, someone dated someone elses sister and did not treat her with respect.

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