most important event in the 20th century

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  • jgnat

    Read the latest book?

  • Ocean1111

    Do you think that the shooting down of the passenger plane over East Ukraine will be an equivalent moment that pushes Putin into a corner where he will have to fight the west? In other words will we look back on that event as the beginning of World War (Part 3)?

    Well what can we learn about the secular meaning of WW1 (and it's cycle) in itself?

    Well it resolved into the first ever "world government" foundational League of Nations forum international in intent. Basically it was a world war to world government cycle.

    Even with no JWs on planet earth and no JW ministry, a global scale war in WW1, resolving into a "world government" presentation in the "League of Nations" is a HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT cycle and meaning in all of HUMAN HISTORY.

    Let's not fool ourselves or beat around the bush, the " world war" "problem" and it's "peace resolution" aids the " world government" presentation as the "solution" and that played out in WW1 regardless of "religious commentary" and "prophecy fanatics". It is what it is, a basic world-war-to-world-government cycle.

    How do we know it is significant and cyclic?

    Because it occurred not just after WW1 (1914-1919), but after WW2 (1939-1945) as "United Nations" and after Cold War (1945-1990) as UN "New World Order" proclamation by George Bush Sr's world tour. The Cold War was a global war by the way, merely noted as "cold" in nature, it was unique in deployment and duration but the outcome was the same: "World Government" intent.

    Thus we have three cycles that twice repeated the first WW1 cycle formula as world war resolved into "world government" in the making. THREE TIMES this has occurred after a known "global war" of some sort, including the Cold War.

    So world war eventually resolves and results in world government. This is intuitive now, not "conspiracy". It is what it is.

    Logically now, after three examples of this formula, it merely takes 4 cycles, including the final future cycle four, to finally birth full world government as a global functioning entity including but not limited to the UN international forum foundation. Thus the "League of Nations" foundation is indeed dynamic and still maturing, and so WW1 was indeed highly significant due to this cycle ultimate meaning.


    So it seems the final cycle is what Russia and eventually China and the Middle East sitting duck Iran will lead in to, a world war of some unique form, in my opnion.

    In fact "world war" is already started in the basic meaning of the Global War on Terror. "Global War" (meaning "world war"), "On Terror", it is already called a 'world war', but by the new terminology. Now that already declared "global war" merely needs to go to GWOT Phase 2.

    How do we know? Because NATO, and it's partners, have been positioning for 13 years globally for an escalation to a final phase. Why expand a global war machine like NATO and never use it? Right?

    After the 911 required global pretext of "the global terror threat", GWOT provided a veritable "Global NATO" super- expansion worldwide in preparation for final world war with bases in at least 100 countries and regions as a result of post 911 NATO, Gulf Cooperation Council, The Dialogue, and other military extensions, expansion, and new partnerships. Not to mention the major invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. (NATO SOCOM activity in addition to NATO wars).

    So obviosuly something is up, we were not born yesterday.


    The Ukraine situation may very well be a fuse to more intrigues centering on Russia.

    But in addtion to Russia, at virtually the same time, the "Israel Peace Deal" and the Iraq Islamic ISIS an obvious " Osama Bin Laden 2.0" has also arisen.

    Do we really think that in about 6 months, all these extra world developmental "props" just popped up in known "powder kegs" on the world scene for no reason? No. Something is being prepared in my opinion, something for future use.

    Now we have a new powder keg in the Israel "peace deal" and Palestinian developments as well, and we have two now forming potential "bogey men" in Russia and ISIS Islam entities forming for those possible roles in the future. It is all very convenient, too convenient.

    What will tie this whole rat nest of world tension potential together? We can only speculate for now. But it seems the main players have been introduced with ties to the past.

    Now the NATO war dependent western system has many new "scapegoats" to blame literally ANYTHING that comes down the militant or "false-flag" pike in the next year. And now it is being injected into the mainstream media mental system for the average Joe to know who to blame later, to distract from the the real NATO warlords and world government engineers who use these core world war developments to present world government renditions at the end of the cycle, a cycle now merely repeating a fourth time.

    In any event the convenient global " props" are being set on the global stage for the fourth global cycle, that if the former three are a clue, includes some form of world war designed to resolve into a world government presentation a number of years down the line.

  • skeeter1

    The most improtant thing of the 20th century wasn't a single event. It was a series of inventions that bound the world through instant international communication. The world became alot smaller.

    - Radio

    - TV

    - Cable & 24 hour news & Satellites, in particular

    - Computer & Internet

    - Cell phones

    - Social Media

  • NewYork44M

    Top 10 events of the 20th century (in no particular order). The two world wars were important, but so was was a lot of other things.

    WW1 & WW2

    Successful vaccines (i.e. smallpox and polio)


    the 60s (Kennedy, Civil Rights, and the Beatles)

    the Internet

    Vietnam war

    Genocide of Rwanda and a few other countries


    Man on the moon


  • blondie

    I always think of the detonation of the first atomic bomb......humans now could destroy the planet. Not alive then I'm a 50's baby but I know that the prospect lingers even now.

  • Phizzy

    I happen to feel that overall WW1 was not really a World changing event as significant as the others mentioned above, to which I would add Anti-biotics and other medical advances.

    Certainly WW1 helped the W.T/JW's to sell their nonsense, but it is significant that every prediction they made for 1914 did not happen, and that they have had to constantly put a new spin on it, and lie about what they said, to continue using it.

    I make no predictions about the future, I have enough of a problem sorting out the Present, but I found Ocean 1111's comments above interesting, I have said for a long time that a real World Government of some sort, with more effective power than the toothless U.N, is needed.

    The ideal would be an overall Authority that was poweful enough to ensure that Human Rights were adhered to by all States/Countries, as soon as a Regime started to ignore Human Rights it would be deemed to have lost its Sovereignty and external rule would be imposed until a more benign Admiistration was in place.

  • Focus

    lol @ this thread.

    Several of the better posters here, and they all missed the key event of the 20th century...

    Shameful... truly shameful.

    It is evident that in my 11+ year absence from here, standards have slipped execrably... the very Generation (genea) that I helped train (by the loving administration of WHACK!s and much New Light) has almost entirely passed away... this for a variety of reasons, but let's not go into that - this sorry state of affairs cannot be tolerated. No, no, no!

    You've all missed the obvious.

    Had you completed the Bible Study I set all of you ~15 years ago in my work here:

    you would not have failed so miserably.

    The most important event in the 20th century was...

    The launch of Sputnik by the U.S.S.R. on October 4, 1957...

    Such was its enormous import that some (very considerable, lol) time thereafter, the Governing Body of the Jehovah's Witnesses debated whether or not it provided a suitable hook for them to jettison 1914 entirely and switch to 1957, to give the Watchtower more breathing space in which to operate their worldwide scam operation.

    Don't believe me?

    My authority for this is a Governing Body member, the only remotely truthful member thereof ever, one Raymond V. Franz, and it is in his book, Crisis of Conscience. On pages 261-4 of the 4th edition, he confesses:

    The Chairman’s Committee, consisting of Albert Schroeder (Chairman), Karl Klein and Grant Suiter, now produced a most unusual document. They supplied a copy to each member of the Governing Body. Briefly put, these three men were suggesting that, rather than applying to people living in 1914, the expression “this generation” would begin applying as of 1957, forty-three years later!

    This is the material exactly as these three members of the Governing Body supplied it to us:

    1957 marked the year when the first Russian Sputnik was launched into earth’s outer space. Evidently the Chairman’s Committee felt that that event could be accepted as marking the start of the fulfillment of these words of Jesus:

    "The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will be shaken." (Matt. 24:29)

    Based on that application, their conclusion would be as they stated:

    "Then ‘this generation’ would refer to contemporary mankind living as knowledgeable ones from 1957 onward."

    The three men were not suggesting that 1914 be dropped. It would stay as the “end of the Gentile Times.” But “this generation” would not begin applying until 1957.

    In view of the swiftly diminishing numbers of the 1914 generation, this new application of the phrase could undoubtedly prove even more helpful than some person allegedly living to be 130 years old in a certain section of the Soviet Union. As compared with starting in 1914, this new 1957 starting date would give an additional 43 years for the period embraced by the expression “this generation” to reach.

    Governing Body standards required that for any Committee to recommend something to the full Body there should be unanimous agreement among the Committee members (otherwise the divided viewpoint should be presented to the Body for settlement). The presentation of the novel idea regarding 1957 was therefore one upon which the three members of the Chairman’s Committee, Schroeder, Klein and Suiter must have agreed.

    I would think that, if asked about this presentation today, the response would be, “Oh, that was just a suggestion.” Possibly, but if so it was a suggestion seriously made. And for Albert Schroeder, Karl Klein and Grant Suiter to bring such a suggestion to the Governing Body they must have been willing in their own minds to see the suggested change made. If, indeed, their belief and conviction as to the Society’s longtime teaching about “this generation” (as applying from 1914 onward) had been strong, firm, unequivocal, they certainly would never have come forward with the new interpretation they offered.

    The Governing Body did not accept the new view proposed by these members. Comments made showed that many considered it fanciful. The fact remains, however, that Governing Body members Schroeder, Klein and Suiter presented their idea as a serious proposition, revealing their own lack of conviction as to the solidity of the existing teaching on the subject.

    Its particular significance is that by piercing earth's atmosphere, it either encountered demons or did not. Franz does not mention this, possibly because he was ignorant of this aspect, possibly because he was embarrassed to acknowledge the degree of sheer idiocy of the organization to which he had dedicated all his life and took decades to grasp what was obvious to Focus in about 15 seconds, or possibly for other reasons...

    Indeed, surely Franz was aware that one of the Society's finest publications, dating to 1919, is "Demons Infest Earth's Atmosphere". The title accurately summarizes this learned work.

    And much later, in "The Golden Age", a Watchtower publication (and predecessor to "Awake!"), similar assertions were made. The successor to "Herald of the Morning" (published by Nelson Barbour and Charles Taze Russell, 1876-9), a non-WTS Russellite publication, decades later would assert that:


    There's too much nonsense there to place here, but masochists may consult:

    Furthermore, in "The Truth Shall Make you Free", both in the 1943 original (on page 285) and in the re-publication a decade later, the Watchtower asserts:

    Man on earth can no more get rid of these demonic 'heavens' (the organization of wicked spirits) than man can by airplane or rockets or other means get up above the air envelope which is about our earthly globe and in which man breathes.

    So clearly Jehovah God had changed that, New Light had arrived, the "demonic heavens" had been pierced by Sputnik, and the most important event of not just the 20th Century but indeed every century (including that non-zero-year containing one in which the minor Archangel Michael got spawned) had occurred.

    To all those who missed this Most Important Event of All - a collective:


    Personally, I feel the most important events of the 20th Century were huge advances in physics and medicine, the demise of European empires, the arrival of mass production and, sadly, World War II.

    Of course - all were missed by Goobergawd's Non-Prophet, Yes-Profit Whoreganization of semi-literate window-washers.

    No surprise there.



    ("Demon-Infested" Class)

  • M*A*S*H

    Focus, please stop whacking off in public - it would be best if you did it in private.

    I would think many dubs are looking at the conflict between the Muslim and Christian religions hoping and praying the stars would start to fall from heaven soon.

    In my day the general apathy towards religion was at its greatest, the idea that religion would be attacked looked unlikely. We now live in a world where the news at least is seemingly dominated by religious conflict (including the atheist\religious debate); I am sure the many dubs are excited.

    To give my answer to the topic question: I vote for penicillin.

  • Focus




    I understand your obsession with masturbation - I have recently "covered" it here:

    but, onan the Barbarian, you don't need to ejaculate it all over the place.

    I vote for penicillin.


    "They" say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but truly, to be flattered by a halfwitted troll is no flattery at all.



    ("-eating" Class)

  • NewYork44M

    Based upon the advancements of science and society is the world a better place today than 100 years ago? If so I would like to say categorically, having Satan in the vicinity of the earth for 100 years is a good thing. I am more than happy to let Christ continue to wait to get the throne.

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