For those in the Watchtower who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible

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  • Ocean1111

    Well we gotta cut God a break here.

    If you were wandering into a Canaanite camp one night in 1200 BC you would be skewered, impaled, skinned alive, gutted and fed to the dogs by sun up as an offering to that month's demon-god. Like Nicky in the movie Casino, David was also "dealing with a bunch of degenerate animals out here", and so anyone who survived in those days did fight fire with fire and David isn't a fairy tale, he was a warrior-king who had he been captured would also have been skewered alive by sun up. That is what David was dealing with "out there" so on certain occasions he skewered them instead, it is what it is.

    What would we do? Try the "love your neighbor" formula back then? Those who did were skewered alive and their heads decked the camp poles. Their kids were sorted out for later, the girls went to the camp priests, and so on. The Canaanites were not a bunch of "innocent villagers", they were trying to be the top dog first round "savages" and psychos of the area. (It's all pretty much the same story in histories of that time.)

    So the world of 1000 BC was quite different than today in certain ways, EVERYONE AND HIS MOTHER was avoiding the skewer, unlike a few people today subject to the military clad "legalized" violence controllers and "illegal" criminals that now wreak the same havoc in various parts of the world. But it is in the nature of fallen man, except in the time of the Judges and David it was the rule, not the exception.

    Jesus Christ changed the rules for Christians as the world took on a basic semblance of "civilization", but in any event man and the "civilization" will not miraculosuly self cure it will probably meet it's own "remedy" first, not from God, but from Global NATO when it goes goes 100% global military monopoly in the next decade, then the "war machine", with no more classic soverign nation-state conflicts to referee, can be redirected and finally used for the final function that it is actually designed for: "controlling" "savage" mankind globally, but probably in a more permanent form to secure the territory of the modern "Canaanites" in elite circles, they are virtually the same guys, same goals, better technology and tactics, same demon-kings.

    And into that world is when the "Son of David" is going to drop in, for real, and "again" play and win the game according to the same rules of the modern Canaanite. (imo) It's not that "history repeats" for it really doesn't, but it's patterns, principles and cycles do indeed replicate reliably. It's all many parts and pieces of one big final pattern that it is actually forming and we are at the cusp of the final replication of a final multi-year cycle summing it all up.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The Hebrews were the hill-dwelling, low-caste Canaanites. In their dreaming they created mythical heroes and mythical adventures, like Moses, the Exodus, and king David.

    The Arabs are also descended from the Canaanites.

    The theory of "fallen man" and "original sin" is likely to have originated with Augustine.


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