I Wonder how many of you have taken a look . . .

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  • Terry

    The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society had an original charter.


    Here is sample:

  • Vidiot

    Huh; no wonder Rutherford conspired to take over.

    That charter didn't have the kind of overarching power over the rank-and-file that an authoritarian prick like him would have wanted.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions


    Thanks TERRY

  • Terry

    There was, inside Russell, a businessman no altogether ignorant of how money operated.

    A book begs to be written on this.

  • designs

    They seem to be doing pretty well as Realtors these days...

  • Terry

    I spoke to an attorney at Starbucks the other day who has represented ALL the Pentecostal TV evangelists over the years.

    He knows where the bodies are buried, let me tell ya!

    His tales of drugs, whores, skimming, real estate, satellite dominion, and general compulsive hubris astounded me even though

    I like to think I'm not naive.

    He has been handed many a suitcase filled with cash and told to "Hide This!"

    He knows how the real estate manipulations go on and how an empire has been built.

    HIS JOB was to make sure all the skullduggery didn't result in the WEALTH going out in OUT-OF-COURT-SETTLEMENTS.

    Sound familiar?

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