The Rise Of The Brics Alliance

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  • metatron

    Step by step, the Chinese seem to be building a complete alternative financial system - independent of Anglo-America. This includes their own version of the IMF and their own credit rating agency (which just downgraded the debt of the US).

    Meanwhile, the world obsesses with Putin - which has all the appearance of the Western world 'being played' by a "good cop, bad cop" routine.

    I love this stuff because it suggests how world peace could be established by putting restraints on the three biggest warmakers on earth: the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It's not about some 'lovey-dovey' crap about loving humanity. It's about establishing a proper balance in the world.


  • ragnarok75

    Exactly how is this JW related..?

    I'm sure there's plenty of Islamists out there who'd agree with your notion that "Israel is among the world's three biggest warmakers".

    That,however,shows no sense of perspective or reality.

  • metatron

    Well, duh.

    The Anglo-American world power? The one the WTS says will be the last? Hello?

    Would be the possiblity of world peace be something trivial? Do we abandon this hope along with the cult?

    And the Israelis? Are you joking? Are you aware of the Israeli lobby's efforts to get the US to start yet another war - with Iran? That they tried to get 70 Senators votes (Menendez-Kirk bill) to derail peace talks with Iran (not my characterization, what the White house said) ?

    Is the movement to sanction Israel as an apartheid state now entering the mainstream - outside of Muslim influence? Has the US Secretary of State warned them that this is happening?

    Who is the primary teacher and exporter of jihadist terror in the world? Not Iran...... it's Saudi Arabia (supposed ally of the US)

    Why are 3 Congressmen demanding that the government declassify 28 pages on Who Is Responsible For 9/11? Because they were shocked and appalled by its contents - rumored to identify Saudi Arabia as the direct culprit.

    War after war after war and endless suffering in the Middle East - caused by religious extremists in Islam and Zionism - and their troublemaking. Add to this the heartless greed of the US military-industrial complex (Thank you, President Eisenhower for saying what needed to be said) - now trying to start yet another pointless war with Russia.

    Are we, on this board, capable of understanding what religious-based exclusion and hate can cause?


  • cofty

    China and Russia are the two biggest players in an alliance of powers who oppose liberal democracy.

    Have you forgotten about Tiananmen Square already?

    Islam is a side-show by comparison.

    You should be thanking all that is good that the USA has the military power to oppose oppression.

  • BobFlanagan007

    @metatron - Is real one of the three biggest warmakers? You lost me on that one. The Palestinians could have peace tomorrow (not to mention a shed load of Israeli aid) if they wanted it.

  • ragnarok75

    @metatron - With that logic every political anti-West message you post is JW-related because of "Anlo-American world power".

    And yes,I am familiar with the points you make.The net is full of all sorts of wacky conspiricy theories and anti-West/anti-Isreal sentiments.Often relayed by cultural relativists who have no idea what it is to live in a truly dictatorial/fascist next to one.Or even better,live surrounded by such nations,determined to wipe your country off the face of the earth.

    The point I was trying to make..why bring this tedious political stuff here.Aren't there enough forums designed just for that.I know there are because I'm debating these issues on such forums.

  • kaik

    metatron, you do not disappoint anyone with your obsession of world leadership as defined by WT ideology. Anglo-American world power is a term that was invented by evangelical crazies at the end of the 19th century and except in brief period of time in history, it is rather artificial idea not having a base in the reality. Until 1920's USA was semi-agricultural society and Britian was already decaying and decling power. German's economy in the 1938 was bigger than American by 20% and far more modern. USA was barely world leader at the end of the 19th century and until Spanish-American war, it was not even taken seriously by any European power who dominated the world between 1500 and 1918/1945. American rise and subsequent retreat between 1945 and 2014 has nothing to do with evangelical explanation of the Bible. China was declying power for centuries before Europeans controlling it and China is returning into position that is equal to its economy, population, and size. Russia is barely world power and after its fiasco in Ukraine, it will continue is long decline that started in the 1980's. Ukraine left Moscow orbit and Russian influence continue to wane in territories that belong to USSR not to mention in the rest of the former Eastenr Block.Additionally, China and Russia are not friend nor allies. They have a mutual suspission of each other. I remember under commies how many people wanted for China to defeat USSR until Chinese lost. For Russians, China was considered as one the most dangerous place to be between 1960 and 1985, and Russians and Soviet population was regularly attacked and beaten up the. Because both leaderships attempts to minimize the global reach of the West and USA, it does not mean that both countries are friends. The same happened with Nazi Germany and Communist USSR, until both socialist countries went against each other. Both of them wanted to undermine Western democracy and liberalism and failed.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    Very true - and so much for that arch-dingbat, Frederick Franz, and his talk of the "King of the North" being the "Communist Block."

    The facts are that the Chinese Communists achieved power without any more than token assistance from the Soviet Union, they certainly took no orders from Joseph Stalin, and after 1960 neither country even pretended that they were on the same side.

    Yugoslav Communism owed allegiance to nobody at all (Tito having hoisted the proverbial two-fingered salute at Stalin at the end of WWII), and North Vietnam likewise took no orders from anybody else (while Ho Chi Mihn and his successors accepted help from whoever would give it to them, they were not being directed by either Moscow or Peking - as that whizz kid Henry Kissinger found out when he thought that by acquiring friendship with the USSR and China, he could then get them to call off North Vietnam!)

    If a "Communist Block" under "Soviet leadership" did indeed exist, then it existed only inside Fred Franz's head!


  • metatron

    Duh, again!

    Who thinks living in China or Russia is a picnic? That's not the point! BALANCE is the point.

    The US talks about human rights while creating wreckage and failed states that are worse than the dictatorships that got overthrown. The world would be better served by China - who openly proclaim they don't get involved in nations internal affairs.

    Does anyone understand that "absolute power corrupts absolutely"? That having a multipolar world might prevent criminal foolishness like the war with Iraq? What a wonderful success that turned out to be! And the Opium crop in Afghanistan is just amazing these days.

    Saying that Palestinians could have peace whenever they wish is absurd unless capitulation is what you call "peace". The solution is a fully democratic state of Israel/Palestine without apartheid. Did the US go thru this sort of struggle with civil rights, years ago? Was it called "segregation"?

    I never thought this site was exclusively devoted to pure negativity against the Watchtower. My apologies on misunderstanding that!

    Hope about the future doesn't end with not being a Witness ----- or does it for you?


  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Who thinks living in China or Russia is a picnic?

    Did anyone make that claim?


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