Something Beautiful to Contemplate when in a Time of Darkness

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    In East and South Asian thought, lotus flowers have a symbolic significance. The plant grows in mud, but produces a flower of great beauty. In a time of darkness, it can become a symbol of hope:

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    beautiful pictures.


    That is for sure the most beautiful post EVER!!!!

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    Cute. Flowers are said to symboize many things.. unfortunately hope is not high on the list.

    Symbolic Meanings of Herbs, Flowers and Trees
    Aloe Healing, protection, affection
    Angelica Inspiration
    Arborvitae Unchanging friendship
    Bachelor's button Single blessedness
    Basil Good wishes
    Bay Glory
    Black-eyed Susan Justice
    Carnation Alas for my poor heart
    Chamomile Patience
    Chives Usefulness
    Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness
    Clover, white Think of me
    Coriander Hidden worth
    Cumin Fidelity
    Crocus, spring Youthful gladness
    Daffodil Regard
    Daisy Innocence, hope
    Dill Powerful against evil
    Edelweiss Courage, devotion
    Fennel Flattery
    Fern Sincerity
    Forget-me-not Forget-me-not
    Geranium, oak-leaved True friendship
    Goldenrod Encouragement
    Heliotrope Eternal love
    Holly Hope
    Hollyhock Ambition
    Honeysuckle Bonds of love
    Horehound Health
    Hyacinth Constancy of love, fertility
    Hyssop Sacrifice, cleanliness
    Iris A message
    Ivy Friendship, continuity
    Jasmine, white Sweet love
    Lady's-mantle Comforting
    Lavender Devotion, virtue
    Lemon balm Sympathy
    Lilac Joy of youth
    Lily-of-the-valley Sweetness
    Marjoram Joy and happiness
    Mint Virtue
    Morning glory Affection
    Myrtle The emblem of marriage, true love
    Nasturtium Patriotism
    Oak Strength
    Oregano Substance
    Pansy Thoughts
    Parsley Festivity
    Pine Humility
    Poppy, red Consolation
    Rose, red Love, desire
    Rosemary Remembrance
    Rue Grace, clear vision
    Sage Wisdom, immortality
    Salvia, blue I think of you
    Salvia, red Forever mine
    Savory Spice, interest
    Sorrel Affection
    Southernwood Constancy, jest
    Sweet pea Pleasures
    Sweet William Gallantry
    Sweet woodruff Humility
    Tansy Hostile thoughts
    Tarragon Lasting interest
    Thyme Courage, strength
    Tulip, red Declaration of love
    Valerian Readiness
    Violet Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness
    Willow Sadness
    Yarrow Everlasting love
    Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends

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