GB guilty of the ultimate spiritual crimes. How can JW's believe this stuff?

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  • sparrowdown

    I agree ya-ya 2,

    In many ways they are worse than the very religions they condemn,

    with the clap-trap they spout in the name of Jehovah.

  • Crazyguy

    Would'nt they qualify as the Man of Lawlessness in the bible, I think so!

  • Mum

    GB speak with forked tongue. But the money keeps rolling in anyway. Why mess with success?

  • SAHS

    “yadda yadda 2”: All that really matters is that these modern-day Pharisees heinous policies and doctrines which cause real harm and suffering and death to real children and adults is stopped. Wicked creed annd policies such as their blood transfusion policy, faulty child abuse policy, shunning policy.”

    So true! Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are well and good, but only up to a reasonable point. The no blood transfusion thing – along with the no organ transplant thing, the no immunization thing, and the no alternative military serice thing, all of which were at one time strictly enforced policies – are definitely over the line! Enough is enough.

    In terms of what would actually constitute a “God send,” I think that in reality “,” if anything, would certainly fit that bill! Hopefully some lives, especially innocent children and babies, will be saved from disaster at the dirty, greedy hands of the WTS!

  • NotNew

    Education: give it a go... I like many here, we were indoctrinated...Look it up an educate yourself!

    Im not so now... and this is what allows me to see the fallacy in your words!

    We believed because we had nothing else to base belief on! We were told what to believe and death or gods disaproval if other thoughts were to come into our minds. We were made weak minded. But not now!


  • daringhart13

    How do they believe this stuff?

    It's simple: ........... they want to.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes indeed...good points raised!

    If the org / GB / WT society is "spirit directed", then we have to assume that the "spirit" had it wrong for so long....

    So, either the org isnt direct by god, or the direction is wrong...

    Take your choice...either way the answer remains the same!

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