Michael Sam Story on the ESPY'S. He was raised a JW.

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  • integ

    Michael Sam...the football player who came out as gay, received an award on the ESPY'S sports award show last night. They had a video presentation documenting his struggles and it was brought out in the video piece that as a Jehovah's Witness, he was prohibited from playing in organized team sports...but that he went and defiantly played anyway. So, Sam not only had to overcome the gay issue but also that of being a Witness. It wasn't complimentary to the witnesses.

    Anyway, I hadn't known that this guy was raised a witness.

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  • integ

    Ok. So I guess this was already brought out here? Interesting you post the above about his mom, because he gave his mom big props during his speech, talking about her strength being a single mom and her support etc.

  • Quendi

    Maybe Michael Sam's mother maintained communication with him as long as he had not come out. Now that he has publicly, she may feel she will be disfellowshipped if she acknowledges his existence in any way whether he was ever baptized or not. Just one more reason to have nothing to do with this execrable cult.


  • jgnat

    A man of great strength of character. I pray his mom reconsiders what is really important in this life.

  • skeeter1

    Wow! I wonder if he'd come to an Apostafest?

  • zophar

    He spoke very respectfully of and thanked his mother when he received the award. Wonder if they have any kind of relationship?

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  • sporece

    It would be interesting to see if she ever needed financial help who she would go to.

    If she goes to the elders for help they would tell her to see her son since he's obligated to help her and not the congregation.

  • Freedom77

    When Michael Sam first came to public attention, I noted that his mom was a JW and raised him in the borg. I thought it was so ironic and so damn sad that this kid from a broken home with messed-up brothers, I think one in prison, one dead, and one just "disappeared," found his strength and salvation NOT in "Jehovah's loving spirit-directed organization" but in playing ball at school - which as you all know in JW eyes is bad association at best and doing Satan's bidding at worst.

    I'm too long gone from the borg to think of the specious Bible quotes against school sports, but some of you no doubt know what they are. Hell, in my time, early 1970s, I had to attend entire-school pep rallies in the gym on Fridays before football games, but was told by the oh-so-spiritual-minded Elders in my congo I had to sit there like a stone and not clap, cheer, stand up, shout, sing, or twitch the slightest muscle that could be construed as "supporting" all that devilish worldly stuff. Just as if a pep rally was equivalent to saluting the flag or whatever. I was totally not into playing sports, so that was never an issue - but I was told that I couldn't even join the Latin Club! What a wicked, nasty thing to do that would have been, oh my yes!

    And STILL Michael's mom thinks he should have stayed home and never played ball and been a good little jaydub, bored to freakin' tears 24/7 and nothing truly constructive to do with his time and talents. And would have turned out like his brothers, no doubt. Oh but I'm sure she is all upset and grieving and soooo worried about his "spiritual condition"! And totally blind to the fact this this one kid may well be her finest achievement in this life - no thanks at all to the Watchtower cult!

    I already admired Michael for coming out, but when I learned of his JW background, I was even more amazed and admiring. I wish him all the best.

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