Prediction: The organization to ease up on disfellowshipping for apostasy.

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  • Phizzy

    They have chosen the route of greater and greater control over the years, even in just the few years since I left, control has become more rigid.

    The DFing Policy is their only weapon in exercising control, especially Thought Control.

    Their Doctrines and their version of History, including their own history, are a House of Cards that fall down in minutes when they are exposed to real Truth.

    If that Truth ever gets through to the R&F, 90% would walk.

    I would expect an even harder line on Apostasy, if that were possible.

    I can forsee them saying that Faders should be treated as DA'd, which of course in reality we are, we have disassociated, despite the absence of a formal letter.

  • ducatijoe

    NEEHIGHMIAH... No... They will not lighten up... they can"t

    Those of us who have left but are doing very well are their greatest fear!

    I have nothing against the WTBS . However they want all still in to think that if they chose to no longer be part of this they will end up with a pitifull life.

    This may be true in some cases. But I feel those who leave and end up a mess are a mess anyway. Those of us who have our shit together and leave afe doing fantastic!

    WTBS will not want those still in to hang out with those who left.

    Miss my sons and family... nothing else.

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