Stephen Lett: Crazy Old Kook or Just Really Bad Actor?

by Wild_Thing 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • TTATTelder

    Lett is a condescending asshole.

    The other guy is a psychopath.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Lett is a heavy brother. I bet you this will be the response from the

    majority of JW's. The expression "heavy" one who has deep knowledge

    of the scriptures. LOL

    He reminds me of Hitler, he had a actor to coach him in public speaking.

    Lett's coach, Big Bird. Maybe he have a medical condition because he

    appear to look like he is constipated or very surprised that someone is

    paying attention to what he have to say.

  • Vidiot

    Wild Thing- "Stephen Lett: Crazy Old Kook or Just Really Bad Actor?"

    The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  • sparrowdown

    I think he is both.

    Screwier than a screw and a painfully bad "Im ready for my close up now Mr...." actor.

  • jambon1

    If I were a JW watching the broadcasts I'd be thoroughly ashamed that these simple minded arseholes are running my religion.

    Not only that, but they are the direct channel to god.

    It's so laughable. Really.

    Wakey, wakey jw's.

  • fukitol

    Lett seems so contrived, so exaggerated in his mannerisms. It comes across as condescending and insincere, as if he is speaking to a bunch of young children.

    But 90% of brainwashed JW's have about as much ability to tell shit from shovel as a 5 year old, so if the shoe fits...

  • LosingMyReligion
    I honestly believe the more time the GB members spend in front of the camera, the more people are gonna wake up. Atleast in Europe, where most of the witnesses have been blissfully ignorant about who the GB actually is until the re-branding. In fact I spoke to a still in witness friend of mine recently and he couldn't name a single one of them by name when he was trying to explain who from the GB had made a talk on the recent assembly. The way they are exposing themselves in videos available worldwide is sure to make people stop and think about who the frick God supposedly has chosen to lead his "holy organisation". Time is on the truth's side - the real truth.
  • factfinder

    How can they let Lett represent them? I'd keep him out of the public eye.

    Yes, I'd be ashamed if I was still a jw that these horrible idiots are in charge of my religion.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    The guy is a major xenophobe, I remember his talk about "Listening to the voice of Strangers" what a paranoid scizo he is about JWs listening to a "stranger's" evil voice of deceit and trickery. A real nut job if ever there was one he is.
  • prologos
    He is a kook that is acting well, and he serves to condition the remaining "Ins" to see this as normal, and drive the dangerous thinkers away. a magnetic personality, attracting other kooks (as long as they slave and pay) and repelling the troublemakers.

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